Unlock Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Sniper Rifles With Max Stats

RDR2 Best Sniper Rifles Guide

We are back with our next guide in Best Weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2 series and this time around we are going to talk about the Best Sniper Rifles and how to get them in Red Dead Redemption 2. It didn't take me too long to decide which is the best sniper rifle in RDR2 as there are not many choices, in total Red Dead Redemption 2 features just three sniper rifles.

RDR2 Best Sniper Rifles Guide

Best Sniper Rifles In RDR2 And How To Get Them

There are two best sniper rifles that are best - Rolling Block and Carcano. We have discussed them in detail below, check it out.

1: Rolling Block | Best Sniper Rifle In RDR2

The best part is that Rolling Block is customizable, and players can unlock it pretty early in Red Dead Redemption 2. You will be able to buy it from Gunsmith for $187 after Chapter 2 Mission called "The Sheep and the Goats". Listed below are the stats of Rolling Block - Default Stats vs Max Stats. Please NOTE: Max Stats figure you get after customization & maxed affinity.


Rolling Block Stats - Default

  • Damage: 3.3/4.0
  • Range: 3.3/4.0
  • RoF: 1.2/4.0
  • Reload: 1.5/4.0

Rolling Block Stats - Max

  • Damage: 4.0/4.0
  • Range: 4.0/4.0
  • RoF: 1.2/4.0
  • Reload: 1.9/4.0
2: Carcano | Best Sniper Rifle In RDR2

Carcano is the second best Sniper Rifle in Red Dead Redemption 2. As you can see in the stats provided below - it has a good rate of fire and reloads speed as compared to the Rolling Block, but it lacks just slightly in the damage section. Furthermore, unlike Rolling Block, Carcano is not available in the early part of the game. You will be able to purchase Carcano from Gunsmith for $190 after "Goodbye, Dear Friend" mission. If you are going for a long range combat then without any thinking go for a Carcano Rifle. It produces great results when used with scopes.


Check out the default and the max stats of Carcano Rifle below.

Default Stats | Carcano Rifle

  • Damage: 3.0 / 4.0    
  • Range: 3.3 / 4.0    
  • Accuracy: 3.3 / 4.0    
  • Fire Rate: 1.5 / 4.0    
  • Reload: 2.8 / 4.0    

Max Stats | Carcano Rifle

  • Damage: 4.0/4.0
  • Range: 4.0/4.0
  • Accuracy: 4.0/4.0
  • Fire Rate: 1.5/4.0
  • Reload: 3.2/4.0
How To Get Rare Sniper Rifle In RDR2

Added note: There is also a Rare Rolling Block Sniper Rifle which you can loot from the sniper firing from the barn at the end of "Magicians for Sport" mission.

That's all we have on the Best Sniper Rifle in Red Dead Redemption 2. You can check out the first two part of our series: Best Revolvers and Best Pistols in RDR2 and how to get them. For our all guides on Red Dead Redemption 2 check out our Wiki Page.

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