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Honor, Amongst Thieves Walkthrough

In the previous mission The Bridge to Nowhere, Arthur and John use explosives to destroy the bridge. In the end, Arthur share’s his concern about John’s future. The next mission is Honor, Amongst Thieves, and to start it, go to the Native Indian’s settlement near Wapiti Indian Reserve and talk to Captain Monroe. You will be playing a short objective of recovering a wagon of vaccines and medicines for Native Indians sent by the government because Colonel Favours does not want this to happen.

Honor, Amongst Thieves Walkthrough

Honor, Amongst Thieves Walkthrough

To earn the Gold Medal there are two requirements, recover the vaccine without being detected and complete everything in less than 5 minutes.

Talk To Captain Monroe | Honor, Amongst Thieves

Captain Monroe will inform Arthur that Colonel Favours is punishing natives by holding vaccines sent for them by federal govt. The wagon carrying vaccine is diverted, Arthur agrees to help. Follow Captain Morgan, he will take you to the wagon. Arthur is going to retrieve the medicines discreetly to avoid any issues.


Captain Monroe will drop you at a vantage point, un-mount your horse and follow him. Both will wait to spot the wagon, once again Captain Monroe to keep things clean.

Retrieve The Medicine from the Supply Wagon | Honor, Amongst Thieves

Mount your horse and follow the wagon. Remember you cannot destroy the supplies, the objective is to retrieve the medicines discreetly. If you wait for the wagon to reach its final point, you will be gunned down by the guards, you have to rob it while moving. Follow the below steps to steal the medicines without getting noticed.

How To Retrieve Medicines Like A Ghost:

  1. Follow the wagon and stay behind the wagon. The soldiers will not notice you, stay behind for a while. 
  2. Ride on the right side of the wagon, but don’t go ahead. If you do that, you will see three options Aim Weapon, Threaten & Soldier. Wait for option Soldier & Jump To Wagon. 
  3. Stay behind until you see a screen prompt on the bottom right of the screen. It will show you the key to press to jump into the wagon. Use Square or X to jump.
  4. Once you landed quietly in the wagon, steal the supplies by pressing Triangle or Y.
  5. Jump off the wagon by pressing Square or X, your horse will follow. Take the medicine and return to Captain Monroe.

You fulfilled the first requirement for Gold Medal by retrieving the medicines without getting noticed and the second is to reach Captain Monroe within 5 minutes. So ride back as fast as you can, you will find him at the Native Indian camp. He will be very thankful for Arthur’s help. You can read our walkthrough on the next main mission The Fine Art of Conversation. To start this talk to Josiah at the camp.

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