10 Best Fortnite Creator Made Islands to Get XP

The best creator made islands to get XP and have a fun time in Fortnite, all in one place.

The Best Creator Made Islands for Fortnite

Image by Gamepur

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Though Fortnite has a lot to offer in its Epic Games official game modes, creator-made islands are a great way to get some extra EXP and have lots of fun.

Sure, you may be turning away from your weeklies when you play Creator-made Islands, but you’re also headed toward some of the most innovative and fun game modes Fortnite has to offer. Since Fortnite has been around for so long, there is a sea of creator maps to explore and only so much time to sail these seas. Here are Fortnite’s best Creator-made islands to get that extra XP.

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Murder Mystery: The Unofficial Among Us x Fortnite Crossover

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Island Code: 5253-8468-3364

Though Among Us glory days of having 100,000 concurrent players are over, Murder Mystery is a creator-made island in Fortnite that takes on the same premise with a few twists. There are regular citizens who must hide, a katana-wielding murderer who’s out to get them, and a cop who’ll try to do their job. Oh, and of course, if it turns out the cop is no good, you can snatch their gun and become the city’s hero. Emoting on top of a fountain ensues. You have to be there, trust me.

Minigame Box PvP: 50 Games in One

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Island Code: 8532-9413-6963

If no creator-made island works for you in Fortnite, the Minigame Box PVP can not only fill your pockets with XP but also keep you glued to the screen for an alarming amount of time. From ice skating with a gun to bouncing enemies off a platform and the floor is quite literally lava — this island has the perfect recipe to gobble up all your time.

The Pit: Island Battle Royale? Nope, a 4×4 Pit Will Do.

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Island Code: 4590-4493-7113

Having a battle royale match all over the island is fun: you get to figure out all the secret bosses, hidden vaults, and every NPC you can hire to do the dirty work for you in Fortnite. But sometimes, a simple pit can be just as entertaining. The Pit is a creator-made Fortnite island that grants XP to grab a mythic gun from a formidable arsenal and pour all its ammo on enemy players.

Squid Game: Green Light, Red Light Isn’t Even the Most Fun One

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Island Code: 1202-0130-7283

I highly doubt anyone has tried out this map yet, but in case you haven’t, don’t miss out on Octo Game 2.0. As you probably guessed, this Fortnite creator-made island recreates the most fun levels of Squid Game, the TV show with accurate detail. Green Light, Red Light might be your introduction, but it’s certainly not the main event you’re waiting for

Footnite: Training for the World Cup One Battle Royale at a Time

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Island Code: 4665-3655-1094

If Rocket League came to Fortnite, why can’t the football (or soccer for you Superbowl enthusiasts) element also stick around? Footnite brings soccer to Fortnite, and it’s almost as fun and way cheaper than any live service sports game you can get out there.

Supermarket Prop Hunt: Hiding’s Never Been More Fun

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Island Code: 0176-7075-2945

It seems like every game has tried its hand at Prop Hunt these days. From Assassin’s Creed to Call of Duty and even Super Mario Odyssey. Naturally, Fortnite shall not be left behind in the furniture morphing games. While there is an obscene number of Prop Hunt creator-made islands in Fortnite, the most fun and surprisingly dynamic one is Supermarket Prop Hunt.

Mega Ramp Survival: It’s Raining Vehicles

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Island Code: 8671-2143-9286

Platformers? Yeah, we’ve got those. How does one about climbing up a highway while every vehicle that has ever been added to Fortnite rains down on you sound? Mega Ramp Survival is a surprisingly fun creator-made island with a simple premise: get to the end of the highway without dying. Honestly, I’ve played these maps for hours and still don’t know if such a thing as “end of the highway” exists.

The Forest: Who Said Fortnite Can’t Be Scary?

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Island Code: 0750-5762-4964

Fortnite is a battle royale, car racing, blocky survival, and band rhythm game. But no one said its creator-made islands could push the game’s limits to create a scary map that gives you XP. The Forest 2 is a survival horror map that doesn’t purely rely on jumpscares to get the work done; it’s got its fair share of puzzles for you and up to three buddies to solve.

Super Red vs. Blue: Simple Formulas Do Work

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Island Code: 2786-2114-8349

With all these wacky and absurd creator-made island ideas, sometimes you want a bit of simplicity. The concept behind Super Red vs. Blue isn’t hard to grasp: if you’re red, take down the blue guys; if you’re blue, exit to the lobby and re-enter the island to be part of the red team. Time to snatch all the best weapons to make that elimination count go up.