Fortnite The Big Bang Event Smashes Concurrent Player Record As Millions Flood Servers

Fortnite players broke the game’s concurrent player count by flooding servers during The Big Bang Event, concluding the OG Season.


Screenshot by Gamepur

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The Big Bang Event in Fortnite concluded the game’s OG Season with a staggering concurrent player count as millions of players flocked to the servers to witness how the best season in years came to a close and what Epic Games has in store for it in the future.

The Fortnite OG Season has pulled in more players than ever before. More than 44 million fans played the game over the course of the season, destroying all expectations Epic Games had for the rerun of the Chapter 1 map. Today, though, fans broke the concurrent player record as more people than ever before hopped in to enjoy The Big Bang Event and see where the developer is taking Fortnite in 2024.

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The Big Bang Event Was so Big it Broke Real World Records

Today, many fans launched Fortnite to tune into the OG Season end event, The Big Bang. According to a reliable source Shiina, on Twitter, the maximum concurrent player count was 11.6 million people, a new peak concurrent player count since Epic Games made the numbers public.

We’d be impressed if numbers were this high before they became public because Fortnite is a far more popular game today than it was three or four years ago. This data shows that the OG season has revitalized the fan base, and they’re eager for more.

We got to enjoy The Big Bang Event for ourselves and saw everything that was revealed after the initial opening, which resembled The End event from Season X. We did have to sit in a server queue for a while, the wait time for which is now well over one hour, before we saw the event though.

The interactive video that played out showcased three brand new game modes coming to Fortnite in the next week or so. These are Lego Fortnite (releasing on December 7), a survival and crafting adventure game where players work together to complete common goals; Rocket Racing (releasing on December 8), a racing game mode in collaboration with Rocket League; and Fortnite Festival (releasing on December 9), a rhythm game mode similar to Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

The game modes are all being treated as separate entities within Fortnite. While details are scarce on how seasonal updates and Battle Passes will impact them, they certainly seem to be designed to draw players into Fortnite and offer something other than Save the World and Battle Royale. Rocket Racing has been developed with Rocket League developer Psyonix and Fortnite Festival with Rock Band developer Harmonix. The pedigree is there to make these long-lasting games.

Time will tell how good these game modes are, but there’s no denying that fans are hungry for them. With millions of fans entering the game to watch an event, there’s no telling how much it could grow with three new game modes and Chapter 5 Season 1 Underground on offer.