All Baller Locations in Fortnite OG Season

Ride in style through the map with the best vehicle Fortnite OG has to offer: the Baller.

Ballers in Fornite OG

Image by Gamepur

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Fortnite OG’s Baller is a grappling hook turned into a vehicle. If that line doesn’t send you scouring every corner of the map to get one for yourself, then I don’t know what will.

Epic Games keeps bringing back all of Fortnite’s top vehicles and gear. From drifters to grappling gloves and planes, they’re resurrecting them all. Once these items hit the scene, everyone’s swarming to get their hands on them, like moths drawn to a flame. Luckily, you won’t actually have to go on a scavenge hunt while everyone unleashes chaos on the arena to get a Baller in Fortnite OG. This guide outlines every location of the OG map where you can snag a Baller of your own to grapple through Tilted Towers or Pleasant Park from the comfort of your own little bubble.

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Where to Find Ballers in Fortnite OG Season

Baller Location Fortnite
Image by Gamepur

My go-to landing spot to get Ballers is Frosty Flights. There are over 10 Ballers in that spot, so I’m just there’ll be at least one waiting for me. Sure, it’s pretty much on the outskirts of the map, so you’ll have to grapple your way to a more populated area as soon as you snag your sphere, but it’s safer than landing in Tilted Towers and running for your life to get that one Baller at the top of the hill. If you’d rather not take the risk, here’s a complete breakdown of where you can find Ballers in Fortnite OG.

  • 12x Ballers in Frosty Flights
  • 1x Baller in Flush Factory, and a second one right up north of it.
  • 3x Ballers in Paradise Palms
  • 2x Ballers in Fatal Fields
  • 3x Ballers near Retail Row
  • 2x Ballers in Shift Shafts.
  • 1x Baller north of Tilted Towers and one to the east.
  • 2x Ballers in Loot Lake
  • 1x Baller in Dusty Pivot
  • 2x Ballers in Pleasant Park
  • 2x Ballers in Lazy Links
  • 1x Baller in Risky Reels
  • 1x Baller in Wailing Woods