All Battle Pass rewards for Pokemon Unite: Season 2

Here’s every premium and free item you can earn this season.

Image via The Pokemon Company

Fledgling MOBA Pokemon Unite entered its second season to coincide with its mobile release. Like most free-to-play games, Pokemon Unite offers a seasonal Battle Pass with both free and premium rewards.

The Premium version of the Battle Pass is available in two tiers: the standard Premium Pass for 490 Aeos gems and the Premium Pass Plus for 840 Aeos gems. While the Premium Pass Plus tier doesn’t offer its own exclusive rewards, your Battle Pass will automatically begin at level 10.

Screenshot by Gamepur
RankRewardFree or Premium?
1Space Style: LucarioPremium
2150 Aeos ticketsFree
3Kilt Set: SocksPremium
4150 Aeos ticketsFree
5Kilt Set: ShoesPremium
6150 Aeos ticketsFree
7Item Enhancer x30Premium
8150 Aeos ticketsFree
9Kilt Set: InnerwearPremium
10Kilt Set: OuterwearPremium
11Canvas Shoes (Indigo)Free
12300 Aeos ticketsPremium
13Item Enhancer x15Free
14Diamond Pattern Pants (Green)Premium
15Item Enhancer x15Free
16Aeos tickets x300Premium
17Item Enhancer x15Free
18Capri Pants (Black)Premium
19150 Aeos ticketsFree
20Kilt Set: BottomsPremium
21Three-Quarter-Sleeve Shirt (Blue)Free
22300 Aeos ticketsPremium
23Item Enhancer x15Free
24Simple Set: SocksPremium
25150 Aeos ticketsFree
26Item Enhancer x30Premium
27150 Aeos ticketsFree
28Simple Set: HeadwearPremium
29Item Enhancer x15Free
30Simple Set: InnerwearPremium
31Cropped Pants (Beige)Free
32300 Aeos ticketsPremium
33Item Enhancer x15Free
34Simple Set: BottomsPremium
35Item Enhancer x15Free
36300 Aeos ticketsPremium
37150 Aeos ticketsFree
38Simple Set: ShoesPremium
39Item Enhancer x15Free
40Simple Set: OuterwearPremium
41150 Aeos TicketsFree
42Item Enhancer x30Premium
43150 Aeos TicketsFree
44Striped Long-Sleeve Shirt (Gray)Premium
45Item Enhancer x15Premium
46300 Aeos TicketsPremium
47Item Enhancer x15Free
48Design Long-Sleeve Shirt (Purple)Premium
49150 Aeos TicketsFree
50Space Set: Tops and BottomsPremium
51Item Enhancer x15Free
52300 Aeos ticketsPremium
53Item Enhancer x15Free
54Pokemon Face Hat (Venusaur)Premium
55Item Enhancer x15Free
56300 Aeos ticketsPremium
57Item Enhancer x15Free
58200 Aeos ticketsPremium
59Item Enhancer x15Free
60Space Style: GengarPremium

Once the Battle Pass has reached its maximum level, players obtain a free Battle Pass Prize Box for every 130 Battle Pass Points gained. Up to 21 Prize Boxes can be stored without claiming them.