All boss locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Dethrone the champion.

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Fortnite’s latest map in Chapter 4 Season 1 is populated with over 15 NPCs and characters that offer secret weapons, services, and basic healing supplies for cheap. As friendly as they sound, you can also anticipate for the battle royale to pack in AI bosses throughout the map for squads to challenge and loot for several valuable items. This guide will examine how many bosses are available to fight and where you can find them in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

Where to find bosses in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Although you are free to fight and loot all NPCs, the game currently bears just one boss. This is The Ageless Champion character located at the bottom of The Citadel’s castle, and we certainly recommend brings a few friends along before battling him. The NPC holds a total of 750 health and 750 shield, and he seemingly has an endless supply of ammo. Thus, it may be best to also purchase and use Exotic weapons, such as the Chug Cannon, for the greatest odds of success.

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Speaking of high rarity guns, The Ageless Champion wields their very own Mythic Ex-Caliber and Epic-rarity Shockwave Hammer. While the Mythic typically does about 75 damage per hit, direct hits from the Shockwave Hammer can take away up to a whopping 125 health. Thankfully, those able to defeat The Ageless Champion will then have possession of the two weapons, as well as additional Gold and ammo.

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As difficult as the boss is to take down, players in Solo battle royale modes should consider speaking to one of the characters that can be hired as teammates. There are five on the map that offer this service, but it does come at the price of 100 Gold. Fighting The Ageless Champion is also a part of the Oathbound questline, so be sure to complete its opening quests and download The Paradigm’s message beforehand for XP rewards. Additionally, as more bosses are expected to come soon, we will continue to update this guide once these NPCs appear.