All fishing locations in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Finding the best fishing spot takes a bit of patience and practice.

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Fishing is more than just a way to pass the time in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The new mechanic adds plenty of new quests and unique items to the game you can only find while trying to hook a fish. Once you cast your line in the water, it’s a waiting game, but you first have to find a place to get started. Read on to find all of the fishing locations in Skyrim.

Where to find Fishing Maps

Even if you have a Fishing Rod, you aren’t able to fish just anywhere. First, you’ll need to find Fishing Maps that will lead you to Fishing Supplies located throughout Skyrim. The best place to buy the maps is to head to Whiterun and purchase them from Belethor at Belethor’s General Goods. He’ll have maps for Haafingar, Falkreath, The Pale, Hjaalmarch, and Whiterun. However, if you’re looking for the map for The Rift, it can be found in the Riften Fishery on top of a fish tank.

Haafingar (Solitude)

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There are four fishing locations in Haafingar.

  • Two are east of the Solitude Sawmill
  • Southwest of Dragon’s Bridge by the sawmill.
  • Nearby Orphan’s Tear


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You’ll find five Fishing Supplies around the lake near Falkreath.

  • To the west of The Guardian Stones, in the camp of the poacher
  • South of South Brittleshin Pass on a dock
  • From the dock swim to the island to the south in the camp on an island.
  • Nearby Half-Moon Mill
  • From the mill, head North following the pond until you reach a boat and campsite with a fisherman

The Rift

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The Rift has four Fishing Supply locations.

  • Near Hearthwood Mill
  • On the docks between Faldor’s Tooth and Goldenglow Estate
  • On the lower docks beneath the Black-Briar Meadery
  • On the small island to the east of Hearthwood Mill


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This is perhaps the most widespread of the fishing locations you’ll find.

  • Southeast of Battle-Born Farm
  • In Riverwood near the bridge leaving town
  • Southwest of Greenspring Hollow and northeast of Swindler’s Den in the large pond

This list is being updated as more Fishing Supply locations are found.