All Iconic Missions in Marvel’s Avengers

Dress up your superheroes the way you remember them looking.

How HARM Challenge Rooms work in Marvel's Avengers

Image via Square Enix

As you progress through the Marvel’s Avengers campaign, you’ll also unlock unique Mission Chains for each of the playable characters. Through these Mission Chains, you’ll unlock “Iconic” skins for the Avengers — these are the costumes and designs that comic book fans will be familiar with from the source material.

Most of these character-specific chains include side missions that lock you into playing as that character, along with challenges to get you accustomed to their playstyles. Playing around in the HARM room is an easy way to rack up those numbers for the Global Mission Objectives. Here are all of the missions and challenges you’ll need to complete.

The Incredible Hulk Mission Chain

Bruce Banner will have a bone to pick with her ex-colleague and ex-girlfriend Monica Rappacini. It appears as though Rappacini has lifted some of Banner’s research on gamma radiation for nefarious purposes, so it will be up to you to stop A.I.M.’s operation.

  • Condition: Green
  • Global Mission Objectives
    • Defeat enemies using Power Attacks (12)
    • Deal Rage damage (10000)
  • Heart of the Monster

You can do “Power Attacks” by holding the Heavy Attack button.

The Invincible Iron Man Mission Chain

Strangely enough, Tony Stark’s Iconic Armor outfit is not unlockable through his Mission Chain, but rather through playing the campaign. Still, completing these challenges will give you Hero-specific cosmetics for Iron Man. Those Repulsor headshots are tricky to get, admittedly.

  • Global Mission Objectives
    • Use Unibeam (8)
    • Defeat enemies with Repulsor headshots (16)
  • Global Mission Objectives
    • Collect Optic Decoders: Riotbots (3)
    • Defeat Dreadbots (1)

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel Mission Chain

Seeing how the single-player campaign is already a Kamala Khan-focused story, she doesn’t need her own unique side missions. However, you’ll still have to complete the campaign as one of the steps to obtaining her Iconic outfit.

  • HARM Training – Ms. Marvel
  • Global Mission Objectives
    • Complete Campaign: Reassemble
    • Earn Inhuman Alliance faction XP by completing Inhuman Alliance Assignments (1000)
    • Deal Polymorph damage (30000)
    • Defeat enemies while Embiggened (20)

The Masterful Black Widow Mission Chain

Natasha was quite busy while being undercover within A.I.M. Having gotten scientists within the organization to defect to the Resistance, it’s up to you as Black Widow to break these scientists out. Not only are they smart as hell, but they have intel that will prove to be useful in the larger fight.

  • Along Came a Spider
  • HARM Training – Widow
  • Up From the Depths

The Resolute Captain Mission Chain

As the charismatic leader of the Avengers, Steve Rogers is the perfect person to mobilize ordinary citizens in the fight against A.I.M. To do so, you’ll have to take control of a communications hub in order to broadcast and shift the narrative against the sinister and oppressive organization.

  • Rockets’ Red Glare
  • Global Mission Objectives
    • Perform Rally Cries (5)
    • Block attacks with the shield (25)
    • Earn SHIELD faction XP by completing SHIELD assignments (500)
    • Earn Inhuman Alliance faction XP by completing Inhuman Alliance Assignments (500)
  • Global Presence

The Mighty Thor Mission Chain

In a strange turn of events, Thor appears to have gained an evil twin of sorts. Someone with Thor’s voice and powers was found to be leading a cult called “the Woken,” and Thor is determined to defeat his imposter and prove himself as the only worthy one.

  • Mistaken Identity
  • Global Mission Objectives
    • Defeat enemies with Shock attacks (25)
    • Deal Odinforce damage (500000)
  • Agents of Thunder