All idol characters in the Splatoon series, ranked

This is going to be our most controversial list.

Image via Nintendo

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Splatoon soundtracks have always been a bop — those squid kids love their music. Idols are responsible for singing it, making them celebrities whose names are known from Greater Inkopolis to the Splatlands. They also serve as hosts for the games’ goopy Splatfests, giving us a chance to get to know them all better. But who’s the favorite? Read on for our ranking of all the idol characters from the Splatoon trilogy so far.

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8. Cuttlefish Idols

Image via Nintendo

This is going to be a divisive list no matter what, so let’s start with a default bottom that everyone ought to be able to agree on. The Cuttlefish Idols only appeared in promo artwork for Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion. That might be free DLC now, but we just don’t know anything substantial about this duo.

7. Frye

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Likewise, we don’t know an awful lot about Splatoon 3’s idol group Deep Cut. Frye does have a very eel-like design going on though — she even wears an eel mask on occasion and utilizes eels in her single player boss fight. Perhaps a playable eel character type can join the Inklings and Octolings down the road.

6. Shiver

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Shiver is in a similar bucket, in that we don’t know much about her just yet. Yes, “her” — Shiver’s gender identity was a point of discussion among Splatoon fans upon Deep Cut’s debut. Regardless of the official lore, she still represents a queer presence in the game for many fans, and that’s a good thing.

5. Marie

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Now we’re going all the way back to the original Splatoon, with Squid Sisters (though they’re really cousins) Marie and Callie. Their fashion styles are a lot more similar than the idols that would follow, but their personalities were at least quite different. Marie’s sarcasm is actually quite delightful.

4. Callie

Image via Nintendo

Callie and Marie might be similar, but their paths diverged in Splatoon 2. Callie was brainwashed by the evil DJ Octavio, forcing players to fight her alongside the eight-armed aggressor in the final battle. She’s basically the Winter Soldier of the Splatoon universe.

3. Pearl

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Similar twists happened with Pearl and Marina, the new diva duo introduced in Splatoon 2. They helped the player during the aforementioned Octo Expansion, before learning that the latter was once an operative in the Octarian army. It’s a good twist, but Pearl’s rich upbringing makes her a little less likable. Her parents definitely pay less in ink taxes than you.

2. Marina

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Conversely, Marina has a more empathetic storyline because she came from a much more oppressive background. Joining the Octarian army at a young age and skipping several grades in school makes her both an impressive soldier and student. She also helped design the Flooders found across the Splatoon series’ many maps.

1. Big Man

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Let’s end on a happy note: Big Man is a delight. Splatoon 3 introduced Tricolor Turf Wars, which meant Deep Cut needed to have a member to represent each of the three options during Splatfests. It would’ve been easy to make Big Man the odd one out, but instead, he waddles around and spreads his fins like a big huggable bear of the sea. There’s a reason so much fanart is dedicated to this fishy friend.