All map symbols and what they mean in Cult of the Lamb

What path will you take?

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Your time in Cult of the Lamb will be spent gathering tons of resources for your little settlement of cultists. If you want your population to grow and to build better structures, you will need to keep traveling into the wild to bring back more stuff. However, every time you go out, there is a different road map in front of you with various symbols. Here is what those symbols mean on the Crusade map in Cult of the Lamb.

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What the Crusade map symbols mean in Cult of the Lamb

There are a total of 14 symbols you can see when going through a Crusade in Cult of the Lamb. Here is everyone listed out.

  • Normal Fight – denoted as a sword. Nothing special in particular happens, just normal traversal through various rooms.
  • Miniboss – denoted as a skull and crossbones. These happen at the end of your first three runs in a Crusade and will give you a new follower upon defeating them.
  • Bishop Fight – denoted as the cultists hat with a green eye. These are main story progression boss fights against the four antagonistic Bishops.
  • Event – these will have a random effect on you and your followers. You may see your followers get sick or you will have to fight tougher enemies. Quite a few outcomes here.
  • New Follower – denoted as a kneeling person. Defeat a few waves of enemies to free and recruit a new follower to your cult.
  • Shop – denoted as a building. Will bring you to a shop where you can spend your coins to get various resources and maybe even a new follower.
  • Tarot – denoted as a tarot card. Will bring you to Clauneck’s tent to get a new tarot card.
  • Pray – denoted as the cultist hat with a red eye. Gives you an altar where you can gain a lot of prayer points and a boon.
  • Hearts – denoted as a heart. Lets you heal damage taken on the current Crusade.
  • Currency – the rest of the symbols will be denoted as the various currencies in the game and will give you an area to collect a bunch of that specific currency type. Included outcomes are bones, coins, food, lumber, and stone.