All new POIs and named locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Smaller landmarks have transformed into massive points of interest.

Screenshot by Gamepur

What would a new Fortnite season be without new points of interest to explore? Well, not a very good one. Thankfully, Chapter 3 Season 2 delivers a number of new locations due to the on-going battle between the Seven and the Imagined Order. That being said, players can expect most of these places to be themed after military bases with plenty of loot to pick up.

Command Cavern

Screenshot by Gamepur

The most glaring change players will spot is that Covert Cavern has been transformed into Command Cavern, a full blown intelligence base for the Imagined Order. Although not much has changed inside Cavern’s mountain, the outside now sports a four-floor tower, an airship with countless of rooms within, and an ominous, unexplained satellite sitting on the tip of the mountain.

Like Chapter 3 Season 1, Command Cavern can be found in-between Camp Cuddle and Logjam Lumberyard on the west side of the map.

Synapse Station

Screenshot by Gamepur

As Seven Outposts began popping up throughout the map last season, Chapter 3 Season 2 debuts a named location that is basically one large Outpost. Known as Synapse Station, this area is home to four chest-filled buildings that are watched over by friendly Seven guards. This latest POI is located west of Chonker’s Speedway and is the closest location to the map’s southern coast.

The Fortress

The Happy Camper landmark was once the game’s best kept secret, but apparently IO agents have figured that out and turned it into a drilling site named The Fortress. This location still bears plenty of Happy Camper’s RVs, but its main attraction is a gigantic mobile drill. The drill has three floors of rooms and chests to discover inside; though, it also has guards that will fire at you on sight. You can experience everything The Fortress has to offer by heading west of Loot Lake or east of Command Cavern.

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