All raids happening in Pokémon Go for March

New raids have begun in Pokémon Go

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New raids pop up every month in Pokémon Go. These raids provide tough challenges for trainers to capture worthy and powerful Pokémon to add to their collection. March features a handful of unique choices, and some limited-time events players can join. These limited events feature legendary Pokémon returning to the game, available to anyone looking to add a particular choice to their collection.


These are all of the raids players can potentially find if they stumble across a raid egg about to hatch. Many of them vary in difficulty, though.

PokémonRaid Tier
AbomasnowTier 3
AerodactylrTier 3
AggronTier 4
Alolan ExeggutorTier 2
Alolan GravelerTier 2
Alolan MarowakTier 4
Alolan RaichuTier 3
BoldorTier 2
CranidosTier 1
CubchooTier 1
DwebbleTier 1
GolemTier 4
JynxTier 3
KlinkTier 1
MawileTier 2
PiloswineTier 3
SneaselTier 2
ThundurusTier 5
TimburrTier 1
TyranitarTier 4

Limited-time Legendary Raids

These legendary raids are only available for a certain duration. You want to make sure to go after them as quickly as possible when they do become available. Niantic is only making them available for a single weekend throughout March, and two of them have exclusive abilities available to them if you capture them.

All of the start and end times happen in your local timezone.

PokémonRaid TimeExclusive move?
DarkraiMarch 6 from 8am to
March 9 at 10pm
Giratina (Altered Forme)March 13 from 8am to
March 16 at 10pm
CobalionMarch 20 from 8am to
March 23 at 10pm
Yes (Sacred Sword)
LugiaMarch 27 from 8am to
March 30 at 10pm
Yes (Aeroblast)