All Reboot Van locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Bring back your friends at these revival stations.

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There is no worse feeling in Fortnite’s battle royale modes than losing a member of your squad and being outnumbered. Thankfully, Chapter 4 upholds the mechanic of Reboot Vans, allowing players to restore the lives of their fallen comrades. These vehicles can be discovered throughout the map, but don’t anticipate there to be as many as there were in previous chapters. Here’s where all Reboot Vans are located in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

Where to find Reboot Vans in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Despite previous chapters holding almost 40 Reboot Vans each, Chapter 4 shrinks this number dramatically to only 29. But don’t fret, Reboot Vans are located in every single point of interest on the map, and they can even be found at a handful of landmarks in all regions. Keep in mind, you will need to bring your teammates’ Reboot Cards to a van in order to revive them, an item which is dropped on the spot they died. You can find every Reboot Van location marked and detailed below, organized by their nearest POI.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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  • Anvil Square
    • On the right side of Anvil Square
    • Directly north of Anvil Square
  • Breakwater Bay
    • At the center of Breakwater Bay
    • Directly east of Breakwater Bay, across its bridge
  • Brutal Bastion
    • At the center of Brutal Bastion
    • West of Brutal Bastion, at Frozen Fishstick’s cabin
    • Inside the snowy mountain, northwest of Brutal Bastion
    • Directly north of Brutal Bastion, at Aura’s coastal factory building
  • Faulty Splits
    • On the west side of Faulty Splits
    • Directly south of Faulty Splits
    • Southeast of Faulty Splits, at the Lute Lake landmark
    • Directly north of Faulty Splits, at a gas station
  • Frenzy Fields
    • On the south side of Frenzy Fields
    • Southeast of Frenzy Fields, at the Exile Isle landmark
    • West of Frenzy Fields, at the Meadow Mansion landmark
    • Southwest of Frenzy Fields, at the Rowdy Acres landmark
    • Directly north of Frenzy Fields, on the south side of its nearby bridge
  • Lonely Labs
    • On the south side of Lonely Labs
    • South of Lonely Labs, at the Crusty Crates landmark
  • Shattered Slabs
    • On the north side of Shattered Slabs
    • Northeast of Shattered Slabs, at The Autumnwood landmark
    • Directly south of Shattered Slabs, at Evie’s house
    • Southwest of Shattered Slabs, at the Shore Shack landmark
    • East of Shattered Slabs, south of its nearby bridge
  • Slappy Shores
    • On the northwest side of Slappy Shores
    • Directly south of Slappy Shores, at the Beachy Bluffs landmark
    • Northeast of Slappy Shores, at the Mogul Home landmark in the snowy region
  • The Citadel
    • On the west side of The Citadel, near the lakeside homes
    • Far west of The Citadel, at the center of the Royal Ruin landmark