All returning Legend skins in the Monsters Within event for Apex Legends

Some old favorites are back.

Monsters Within returning Legend skins

Image via Respawn

The Monsters Within event brings Apex Legends players 40 brand-new Halloween event items with it, including a bunch of old favorites back. There have been two Apex Legends Halloween events before this: Fight or Fright 2019 and Fight or Fright 2020. While Monsters Within is not a Fight or Fright event, the event is still giving 13 older Halloween Legend skins from the past Fight or Fright events another chance to shine.

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Returning Legend Skins

Three of the returning skins: Mistress of Evil, Emerald Enchantress, and Old Town, will be available for all three weeks. The remaining four will only be available until October 26. Six more skins will become available on October 26, and last until November 2. Most of these skins are part of bundles and cannot be purchased separately.

Mistress of Evil (Legendary Wraith skin)

Mistress of Evil
Screenshot by Gamepur

Emerald Enchantress (Legendary Wraith skin)

Emerald Enchantress
Screenshot by Gamepur

Born in Blood (Legendary Gibraltar skin)

Born in Blood
Screenshot by Gamepur

Monster Mashed (Legendary Gibraltar skin)

Monster Mashed
Screenshot by Gamepur

Midnight Cipher (Legendary Crypto skin)

Midnight Cipher
Screenshot by Gamepur

Deadly Byte (Legendary Crypto skin)

Deadly Byte
Screenshot by Gamepur

Old Town (Legendary Mirage skin)

Old Town
Screenshot by Gamepur

Final week only Legend skins (coming October 26)

Final Week Special Offers
Image via Respawn
  • Wicked Harvest (Legendary Bloodhound skin)
  • Protector of the Patch (Legendary Bloodhound skin)
  • Sweet Dreams (Legendary Caustic skin)
  • Last Laugh (Legendary Caustic skin)
  • Green Widow (Epic Lifeline skin)
  • Winged Menace (Epic Wattson skin)