All Satisfactory console commands and how to access them

God mode.

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In Satisfactory, you can spend hours building complex factories and production lines. There is also a hidden way that allows you to type in console commands to alter various aspects of the game. These commands can be used to change options in the game that are not available in the main settings. Here is what you need to know about enabling the console and some commands you can use in Satisfactory.

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How to enable the console in Satisfactory

To access the console in Satisfactory, use the tilde (~) button on your keyboard. You will need to open this every time you want to access console commands. Once this window is on the screen you, are free to type in your list of commands.

Console Commands in Satisfactory

There are over 2000 console commands in Satisfactory, but here is a list of a few that are handy.

  • ? – Will display a full list of console commands (Over 2000)
  • materialFlowAnalysis(item name) – Used to find the items required for all craftable items in the game
  • r.Atmosphere(followed by 0 or 1) – Activates or deactivates the atmosphere
  • r.Fog (followed by 0 or 1) – Activates or deactivates fog
  • r.ViewDistanceScale – Sets the render distance of things like foliage, rocks and trees
  • r.ScreenPercentage [percent] – Sets internal resolution scale, using sparing depending on your PC build
  • r.TemporalAACurrentFrameWeight(number between 0-1) – Sets the impact of the current internal frame to the final image
  • r.TemporalAAFilterSize – Sets the spread of the TAA samples. Values below 1 sharpen the image.
  • r.TemporalAASamples (number) – Sets the number of samples to use for TAA.
  • r.Tonemapper.Sharpen (number) – Sets the amount of a simple sharpen filter.
  • Stat FPS – Activates in-engine FPS counter
  • Stat Levels – Displays level streaming info
  • Stat Unit – Will show Frame Time, Game Time, Draw Time, and other stats
  • t.MaxFPS(number) – Sets max framerate
  • FOV(number) – Sets the FOV, it is not advisable to go over 150
  • Suicide – Respawn function

Commands to Fly, Ghost, GiveItem, Cheats, and Teleport will not work, despite being list under the “?” command.

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Debug Commands in Satisfactory

When using the debug commands, this will show you various bits of detailed information relating to the name of the object you’re executing.

  • ShowDebug DebugType – Using this command will display information on the screen including Player name, coordinates (X,Y,Z), rotation, and more.

Replace the italicized text in ShowDebug DebugType with the following commands:

  • AI – Displays information related to enemies or vehicles near the player.
  • Akaudiosources – Displays the number of active audio sources.
  • Animation – Displays information to the animation frames
  • Bones – Displays information relating to bones for character models.
  • Camera – Displays additional information about the camera position.
  • Circuits – Displays information about power in the world.
  • Collision – Displays collision information.
  • Factory – Displays the number of structures built.
  • Forcefeedback – Displays information about force feedback values.
  • Input – Displays information about what current input method is being used.
  • Net – Displays multiplayer connection information.
  • None – Displays the default information.
  • Physics – Displays information about player velocity.
  • Radiation – Displays information about radioactivity from sources.
  • Radiationspheres – Displays a visual radius around radiation.
  • Reset – Removes all debug information.
  • Tracks – Displays information on railroad system.
  • Trainscheduler – Displays information about the train schedule.
  • Trainsignals – Displays information about train signals.
  • Trains – Displays information about all current trains.
  • Vehicle – Displays information about the current vehicle the player is in.
  • Weapon – Displays information about the weapon the player is using.