All Solstice 2022 event card challenges in Destiny 2 – Solstice of Heroes 2022

The more challenges, the more glow.

Image via Bungie

Solstice of Heroes has made its triumphant return in Destiny 2, but with a new twist that will keep players more engaged. The new Solstice Event Card is your key to acquiring Kindling and making your new candescent armor glow. You will need to put some work in though, as the Solstice Event Card contains some challenges that will put guardians to the test both in the EAZ and in familiar playlists. This guide will go over every challenge in the Solstice 2022 Event Card and how to complete them.

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All Solstice Event Card Challenges in Destiny 2

After getting your Solstice Event Card from Eva Levante in the tower, it’s time to start earning some Kindling and leveling up your candescent armor. These are the challenges you will need to complete to earn more Kindling:

  • Bashing Success – Complete the Bonfire Bash activity for the first time.
  • Good Ignite – Defeat 20 Ignition Carriers in the Bonfire Bash activity.
  • Torch the Taken – Defeat 20 Taken in the Bonfire Bash activity.
  • Fuel for the Fire – Stoke 50 flames in the Bonfire Bash activity.
  • Ash Tray – Collect 500 Silver Ash.
  • All Around the Bonfire – Complete the Bonfire Bash activity against all combatant races twice.
  • Fuel for the Fire II – Stoke 100 flames in the Bonfire Bash activity.
  • Fuel for the Fire III – Stoke 150 flames in the Bonfire Bash activity.
  • Like Wildfire – Defeat targets anywhere in the system. Defeating Guardians awards bonus progress.
  • Pyromania – Defeat combatants with Solar abilities.
  • Superlative – Defeat targets with Super abilities.
  • Fire Power – Defeat combatants or opposing Guardians with Power weapons.
  • Forged in Flame – Defeat 100 opposing Guardians in any activity.
  • Hand Lighter – Defeat targets with Hand Cannons.
  • Shotgun Solstice – Defeat targets with Shotguns.
  • Burn Them Down – Defeat 60 bosses anywhere in the system.
  • Ranking the Coals – Complete playlist activities to earn Silver Leaves.
  • Solstice Jubilee – Complete public events on any destination to earn Silver Leaves.
  • Lamplighter – Complete 10 patrols on any destination to earn Silver Leaves.
  • Dare to Dream – Complete runs of the Blind Well or Dares of Eternity to earn Silver Leaves.
  • Brightfall – Complete Vanguard Ops or Nightfalls to earn Silver Leaves.
  • Fire of Competition – Complete 25 Crucible or Gambit matches to earn Silver Leaves.
  • A Spark in the Dark – Complete Sever missions or rounds of Altars of Sorrow to earn Silver Leaves.
  • In the Hot Seat – Complete activities with Savathuns Throne World to earn Silver Leaves.

If you manage to complete the Solstice Event Card, you will be rewarded with a total of 24 Kindling, 24 Event Tickets, and some extra cosmetic rewards for your efforts. Completing the Solstice Event Card is also your key to unlocking the new Flamekeeper seal and title.

The Solstice of Heroes 2022 event begins on July 19 and ends on August 9.