All Startup Businesses in BitLife

Which business should you invest in first?


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BitLife’s long-awaited business update allows you to become a CEO of a Startup business, or you can purchase a preexisting one, so long as you have the funds to do it. There are multiple businesses for you to pick from, each with unique products you will attempt to sell on the marketplace. This guide covers all Startup Businesses that you can choose to explore in BitLife.

Every Startup business you can pick in BitLife

There are 25 Startup Businesses for you to pick from if you want to become a CEO. Some are more expensive to invest in, making them more lucrative to work on, but they might also be more costly based on the type of demand in the current market you have to deal with. You also want to investigate how much competition you will have with any business. Competition might make it too risky to enter that market, and you may want to invest in another business.

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These are all businesses you can become a CEO in for BitLife, and how much investment costs they demand before creating them.

  • Adult Toys ($2,120,00)
  • Beauty Supply ($2,780,000)
  • Brewery ($807,000)
  • Car Manufacturer ($354,000,000)
  • Clothing Outlet ($3,910,000)
  • Coffeehouse ($2,240,000)
  • Consumer Electronics ($57,700,000)
  • Dairy Farm ($20,600,000)
  • Distillery ($8,310,000)
  • Food Truck ($263,000)
  • Footwear ($4,090,000)
  • Gift Shop ($361,000)
  • Health Food Store ($513,000)
  • Jewelry ($3,010,000)
  • Kitchenware ($2,990,000)
  • Lingerie Boutique ($2,130,000)
  • Marijuana Dispensary ($1,880,000)
  • Novelty ($2,000,000)
  • Pet Supply ($2,980,000)
  • Pharmaceutical ($147,000,000)
  • Robotics ($84,000,000)
  • Semiconductor ($326,000,000)
  • Sporting Goods ($4,330,000)
  • Winery ($26,100,000)

These prices might vary when you attempt to begin the business, but these give you a good idea of the starting cost you need to work with. Again, we recommend using a character who has inherited a good amount of money before they start the business, or they worked as a famous athlete or actor before you attempt any of these businesses.