All Swords in Genshin Impact: An In-depth Guide

This is a guide for every sword found in Genshin Impact to make finding that perfect sword a little bit easier.

Genshin Impact Swords

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Genshin Impact is one of the most complex Gacha games that I have ever played. Part of the reason is the amount of weapons available to pair with the giant cast of characters players can collect.

Knowing what swords are available in the game is only half the battle. Players need to know what they do and how that pairs up with the characters’ abilities to bring out the best version of each character. Swords are one of the five types of weapons found in Genshin Impact and are the first weapon players are introduced to since they are the weapon of choice for the Traveler. Here is a list of all the available swords, what they do, and who should wield them.

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List of Swords in Genshin Impact

Each 3-5 star sword will have a second stat and a passive ability that will match up best with specific characters. The 1-2 star swords are best used for leveling up the higher star weapons. They do not have any additional abilities, just a base ATK amount.

WeaponBase ATK (lvl 90)2nd StatPassive AbilityCharacterObtain
Genshin Impact Amenoma KageuchiAmenoma Kageuchi41 (max 454)ATK 12% (max 55.1%)After casting an Elemental Skill, gain 1 Succession Seed. Effect triggers once every 5s. Succession Seed lasts for 30s. Up to 3 Succession Seeds may exist at the same time. After using an Elemental Burst, all Succession Seeds are consumed & after 2s the character regenerates 6-12 Energy for each seed consumedAyaka; Ayato; Jean; Keqing; Qiqi; Kaeya; Xingqiu; Traveler (Geo & Electro)Complete “Farmer’s Treasure” Quest, Forge via Blacksmith – Northlander Sword Billet, Amethyst Lump, & White Iron Chunk
Genshin Impact Blackcliff LongswordBlackcliff Longsword44 (max 565)Crit DMG 8% (max 36.8%)After defeating an opponent, ATK is increased by 12%-24% for 30s. Max 3 stacks & the duration of each stack is independent of the others.Jean; Kaeya; Xingqiu; Keqing; Ayaka; Ayato; AlhaithamStarglitter Exchange
Genshin Impact Cinnabar SpindleCinnabar Spindle41 (max 454)DEF 15% (max 69%)Elemental Skill DMG increases by 40%-80% of DEF. Effect triggers once every 1.5s & will be cleared 0.1s after Elemental Skill deals DMGAlbedoShadows Amidst Snowstorms Event (event-exclusive)
Genshin Impact Favonius SwordFavonius Sword41 (max 454)Energy Recharge 13.3% (max 61.3%)CRIT hits have a 60%-100% chance to generate a small amount of elemental Particles, which regenerate 6 Energy for the character. Triggers once every 12sFurina; Jean; Kazuha; Nilou; Qiqi; Bennett; Kaeya; Kirara; Layla; Lynette; Shinobu; Xingqiu; Traveler (Anemo & Electro & Geo & Hydro)Wish Event Banner
Genshin Impact Festering DesireFestering Desire42 (max 510)ATK 6% (max 27.6%)Increases Elemental Skill DMG by 16%-32% & Elemental Skill Crit Rate by 6%-12%Jean; Kaeya; Xingqiu; Albedo ; Shinobu; Layla; Kirara; Furina; Traveler (Geo & Anemo & Electro & Hydro)The Chalk Prince and the Drago Even Reward
Genshin Impact Finale of the DeepFinale of the Deep44 (max 565)ATK 6% (max 27.6%)When using Elemental Skill, ATK increases by 12%-24% for 15s & a Bond of Life worth 25% of Max HP will be granted. Effect triggers once every 10s. When Bond of Life is cleared, a max of 150-300 ATK will be gained based on 2.4%-4.8% of total amount of Life Bond cleared, lasts 15sAyaka; Ayato; Jean; Keqing; Qiqi; XingqiuForaged via Blacksmith – Bulle Fruit 10x, Tidalga 10x, Condessence Crystal 10x
Genshin Impact Fleuve Cendre FerrymanFleuve Cendre Ferryman42 (max 510)Energy Recharge 10% (max 45.9%)Increases Elemental Skill Crit Rate by 8%-16%. Increases Energy Recharge by 16%-32% for 5s after using Elemental SkillAlbedo; Ayato; Furina; Jean; Bennett; Kaeya; Layla; Xingqiu; Traveler (Anemo & Hyrdro)Exchange fish with Fishing Association – 4x Maintenance Mek: Platinum Collection, 10x Rippling Heartfeather Bass, 10x Blazing Heartfeather Bass, 12x Streaming Axe Marlin
Genshin Impact Iron StingIron Sting42 (max 510)Elemental Mastery 36 (max 165)Dealing Elemental DMG increases all DMG by 6%-12% for 6s. (max 2 stacks). Triggers once every 1sKirara; Nilou; Alhaitham; Shinobu; Kazuha; Xingqiu; Kaeya; Jean; Traveler (Anemo & Dendro)Forged via Blacksmith – Northlander Sword Billet, Crystal Chunk; White Iron Chunk
Genshin Impact Kagotsurube IsshinKagotsurube Isshin42 (max 510)ATK 9% (max 41.3%)When Normal, Charged, or Plunging Attack hits an opponent, it will trigger a Hewing Gale, dealing AoE DMG equal to 180% of ATK & increases ATK by 15% for 8s. Effect triggers once every 8sKaeya; Keqing; Ayaka; Kazuha; Ayato; AlhaithamComplete Kazuha’s Story Quest – Act 1 of Acer Palmatum Chapter A Strange and Friendless Road
Genshin Impact Lion's RoarLion’s Roar42 (max 510)ATK 9% (max 41.3%)Increases DMG against enemies affected by Pyro or Electro by 20%-36%Keqing; ShinobuWish Event Banner
Genshin Impact Prototype RancourPrototype Rancour44 (max 565)Physical DMG Bonus 7.5% (max 34.5%)On hit, Normal or Charged Attacks increase ATK & DEF by 4%-8% for 6s (max 4 stacks) Effect can triggers once every 0.3sJean; Kaeya; Bennett; Qiqi; KeqingAdventure Rank Reward or Forge via Blacksmith – Northlander Sword Billet, Crystal Chunk, White Iron Chunk
Genshin Impact Royal LongswordRoyal Longsword42 (max 510)ATK 9% (max 41.3%)Upon dealing damage to an opponent, increases CRIT Rate by 8%-16% (max 5 stacks) A CRIT hit removes all existing stacksJean; Kaeya; Bennett; Xingqiu; Qiqi; Keqing; Ayaka; Ayato; Traveler (Geo & Anemo)Starglitter Exchange
Genshin Impact Sacrificial SwordSacrificial Sword41 (max 454)Energy Recharge 13.3% (max 61.3%)After dealing damage to an opponent with an Elemental Skill, the skill has a 40%-80% chance to end its own CD, triggers only once every 30sJean; Kazuha; Nilou; Qiqi; Bennett; Kaeya; Kirara; Layla; Xingqiu; Traveler (Anemo & Electro)Wish Event Banner
Genshin Impact Sapwood BladeSapwood Blade44 (max 565)Energy Recharge 6.7% 9max 30.6%)After triggering Burning, Quicken, Aggravate, Spread, Bloom, Hyperbloom, or Burgeon, a Leaf of Consciousness will be created around the character for max of 10s. When picked up, the Leaf will grant the character 60-120 Elemental Mastery for 12s. Only 1 Leaf can be generated this way every 20s. Effect can still be triggered if the character is not on the field. Effect can’t stackBennet; Lynette; Shinobu; Nilou; Kirara; Traveler (Dendro)Obtain Blueprint from Aranyaka Park II: Dream Nursery quests, Forge via Blacksmith – Midlander Sword Billet, 50x Crystal Chunks, 50x White Iron Chunks
Genshin Impact Sword of DescensionSword of Descension39 (max 440)ATK 7.7% (max 35.%)Hitting enemies with Normal or Charged Attacks grants a 50% chance to deal 200% ATK as DMG in a small AoE. Effect only triggers once every 10s. If Traveler equips, their ATK is increased by 6TravelerPS4 & PS5 exclusive reward via mail
Genhin Impact Sword of NarzissenkreuzSword of Narzissenkreuz42 (max 510)ATK 9% (max 41.3%)When the equipping character does not have an Arkhe: When Normal, Charged, or Plunging Attacks strike, a Pneuma or Ousia energy blast will be unleashed, dealing 160%-320% of ATK as DMG. Effect is triggered once every 12s. The energy blast type is determined by the current type of Sword of NarzissenkreuzAyaka; Ayato; Jean; Kazuha; Qiqi; Bennett; Kaeya; Xingqiu; Traveler (Anemo & Electro & Geo)Complete the Narzissenkreuz Finale Quest Chain
Genshin Impact The Alley FlashThe Alley Flash45 (max 60)Elemental Mastery 12 (max 55)Increases DMG dealt by the character equipping this weapon by 12%-24%. Taking DMG disables this effect for 5sJean; Kazuha; Qiqi; Bennett; Kirara; ShinobuWish Event Banner
Genshin Impact The Black SwordThe Black Sword42 (max 510)Crit Rate 6% (max 27.6%)Increases DMG dealt by Normal & Charged Attacks by 20%-40%. Regenerates 60%-100% of ATK as HP when Normal & Charged Attacks score a Crit Hit. triggers once every 5sKaeya; Keqing; Ayaka; Ayato; AlhathamBattle Pass Reward
Genshin Impact The Dockhand's AssistantThe Dockhand’s Assistant42 (max 510)HP 9% (max 41.3%)When the equipping character is healed or heals others, they will gain a Stoic’s Symbol that lasts 30s (max 3 Symbols). When using Elemental Skill or Burst, all Symbols will be consumed & the Roused effect will be granted for 10s. For each Symbol consumed, gain 40-80 Elemental Mastery, & 2s after effect triggers, 2-4 Energy per Symbol consumed will be restored. The Roused effect triggers only once every 15s & Symbols can be gained even when character is not on fieldNilou; Kirara; Layle; ShinobuWish Event Banner
Genshin Impact The FluteThe Flute42 (max 510)ATK 9% (max 41.3%)Normal or Charged Attacks grant a Harmonic on hits. Gaining 5 Harmonics triggers the power of music & deals 100%-200% ATK DMG to surrounding enemies. Harmonics last up to 30s & maximum of 1 can be gained every 0.5sJean; Qiqi; Keging;Wish Event Banner
Genshin Impact Toukabou ShigureToukabou Shigure42 (max 510)Elemental Mastery 36 (max 165)After an attack hits enemies, it will inflict an instance of Cursed Parasol an enemy for 10s. Effect triggers once every 15s. If enemy is defeated during Cursed Parasol’s duration, Cursed Parasol’s CD will be refreshed. Equipping character will deal 16%-32% more DMG to the opponent affected by Cursed ParasolAlhaitham; Kazuha; Keqing; Nilou; Shinobu; Traveler (Dendro)Akitsu Kimodameshi event
Genshin Impact Wolf-FangWolf-Fang42 (max 510)Crit Rate 6% (max 27.6%)DMG dealt by Elemental Skill & Elemental Burst increases by 16%-32%. When Elemental Skill hits enemy, its Crit Rate increases by 2%-4%. When Elemental Burst hits enemy, its Crit Rate increases by 2%-4%. Effects last 10s separately (max 4 stacks) triggered once every 0.1sAlbedo; Alhaitham; Ayato; Furina; Keqing; Kaeya; Xingqiu; Traveler (Dendro & Geo & Hydro)Battle Pass Reward
Genshin Impact Xiphos' MoonlightXiphos’ Moonlight42 (max 510)Elemental Mastery 36 (max 165)Equipping character gets 0.036%-0.072% Energy Recharge for each point of Elemental Mastery they have for 12s with party members getting 30% of this buff for 12s. Multiple instances of this weapon can allow this buff to stack. Effect will trigger when character is not on field, triggers every 10sXingqiu; Kazuha; Shinobu; Alhaitham; Nilou; Kirara; Traveler ( Dendro & Hydro)Wish Event Banner

WeaponBase ATK (lvl 90)2nd StatPassive AbilityCharacterObtain
Genshin Impact Cool SteelCool Steel39 (max 401)ATK 7.7% (max 35.2%)Increase DMG against enemies affected by Hydro or Cryo by 12%-24%Kaeya; XingqiuWish Event Banner
Genshin Impact Dark Iron SwordDark Iron Sword39 (max 401)Elemental Mastery 31 (max 141)Causing an Overloaded, Superconduct, Electro-Charged, Quicken, Agrgravate, Hyperbloom, or Electro-infused Swirl reaction, increases ATK by 20%-40% for 12sAlhaitham; Keqing; Kirara; Shinobu; Traveler (Dendro & Electro)Talk to Chen the Sharp, Street Food Vendor in Liyue Harbor
Genshin Impact Fillet BladeFillet Blade39 (max 401)ATK 7.7% (max 35.2%)On hit, 50% chance to deal 240%-400% ATK DMG to an enemy. triggers only once every 15sJean; Kaeya; Qiqi; Keqing; Ayaka; Ayato; Traveler (Anemo)Chests
Genshin Impact 	Harbinger of DawnHarbinger of Dawn39 (max 401)Crit DMG 10.2% (max 46.9%)When HP is above 90%, increases Crit Rate by 14%-28%Kaeya; Xingqiu; Albedo; Alhaitham; Layla; TravelerWish Event Banner
Genshin Impact Skyrider SwordSkyrider Sword38 (max 354)Energy Recharge 11.3% (max 51.7%)Using an Elemental Burst grants a 12%-24% increase in ATK & Movement SPD for 15sJean; Qiqi; Bennett; Layla; Lynette; XingqiuWish Event Banner
Genshin Impact Traveler's Handy SwordTraveler’s Handy Sword40 (max 448)DEF 6.4% (max 29.3%)Each Elemental Orb or Particle collected restores 1%-2% HPAlbedoChests

WeaponBase ATK (lvl 90)2nd StatPassive Ability
Genshin Impact Silver SwordSilver Sword (2 star)33 (max 243)nonenone
Genshin Impact Dull BladeDull Blade (1 star)23 (max 185)nonenone