All the weapons being added to Destiny 2 in July

Some good stuff in the bunch.

Yet more weapons from the Moon and Dreaming City destinations will be returning to Destiny 2. The new weapons are currently planned to be added to the loot pools on July 6, with the weekly reset. Not only will they be coming back to the game, but they will also have a new perk in their perk pools.

All weapons will be available through their original sources, so for the Moon weapons, you will need to once again chase down items like the Necromantic Strand for the Loud Lullaby, or the Horned Wreath for the Tranquility Sniper.

  • Loud Lullaby hand cannon – Tunnel Vision
  • One Small Step shotgun – Trench Barrel
  • Tranquility sniper rifle – Frenzy
  • Arc Logic auto rifle – Heating Up
  • Dream Breaker fusion rifle – Cornered
  • Every Waking Moment submachine gun – Killing Wind
  • Love and Death grenade launcher – Chain Reaction
  • A Fine Memorial – Adrenaline Junkie
  • Night Terror sword – One for All
  • Tigerspite auto rifle – Frenzy
  • Twilight Oath sniper rifle – Vorpal Weapon
  • Abide the Return sword – Thresh

A lot of these weapons have been very popular in the past, but all of them will be worth checking out when they return to the game. We assume the Night Terror Sword will be added to the loot pool from Sword Focused Umbral Engrams, but will need to confirm this after release.