All XP Coin Locations Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

All that sweet XP.


People who like to maximize their XP earnings in Fortnite will be happy to know that XP Coins have once again returned for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Green Coins are worth 5000 XP, Blue Coins are worth 6500 XP, and Purple Coins break up into lots of smaller coins, but if you grab them all they are worth 10,300 XP in total. Make sure to build a box around the Purple coins before picking them up, as it will make them much easier to collect.

As always, there are Green, Blue, and Purple Coins up for grabs, and we know that Gold ones will also be returning this season because of the Punch Cards.

Remember, the XP Coins stay around all season long, so if you missed them during the week they arrived, you can still grab them at any point over the course of the season. Below you will find a map that shows each coin that can be found in the game, and a map that breaks them all out by week, to make it easier to know which ones you have already tracked down.

Because the Blue XP Coins are hidden in items, we have included a description of where to find each one for the relevant weekly maps.

All Season

All Season 4 XP Coins

Week 1

Week 1
  • Blue Coin 1 – This can be found in the ruined building to the north of the Lazy Lake (the actual lake, not the named location) and is hiding in a pile of rubble on the ground floor.
  • Blue Coin 2 – found on the beach to the west of Sweaty Sands, is hiding in a wooden box on some shipping containers.
  • Blue Coin 3 – can be found near the very top of a building in Steamy Stacks, in a metal roadie case just inside the door that leads to the roof.

Week 2

Week 2
  • Blue Coin 1 – can be found in the downstairs cash register in Cap N’ Carp in Misty Meadows
  • Blue Coin 2 – can be found in the electrical box at the booth at the end of the green steel bridge.
  • Blue Coin 3 – can be found in a metal pump surrounded by fencing outside the Slurpy Swamp building.

Week 3

These locations are based off leaks, and will be confirmed on Thursday, September 10.

Week 3
  • Blue Coin 1 – found to the north of Doom’s Domain near a small shack. It will be hidden in one of the BBQs.
  • Blue Coin 2 – Found at Hydro 16, this will be hidden in a trashcan under the stairs on the ground floor.
  • Blue Coin 3 – Found in Weeping Woods near the main collection of trailers and campers, smash the toilet in the light blue camper to find it.

Week 4

Week 4 Coins

  • Blue Coin 1 – found near Lockie Lighthouse, hidden in some furniture on the ground floor.
  • Blue Coin 2 – found at the Authority, in a box on a shelf near the top of the building.
  • Blue Coin 3 – found downstairs in the yellow house at Lake Canoe.
  • This week’s Gold XP Coin can be found in the elevator shaft in the main Stark Industries building.