Are there multiple endings in Metroid Dread? Answered

Does Metroid Dread only have one ending?

Image via Nintendo

Multiple endings in games have become increasingly common, especially ones that are a carefully hidden secret rather than the result of a direct narrative choice made by the player. Fans have waited a long time to finally play Metroid Dread (the game was first listed for the Nintendo DS back in 2005) and might be wondering if their patience will be rewarded with alternate endings to Samus Aran’s latest adventure.

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You might expect that clearing the game on its Hard Mode difficulty or meeting certain playthrough criteria, such as beating it within a set amount of hours, will affect Metroid Dread’s ending. Unfortunately, it doesn’t; no matter what difficulty you play on or how quickly you beat the game, the ending to the game will always be the same.

However, You can unlock seven different ending rewards. These rewards are artwork that can be viewed within the game’s gallery. Each artwork alludes to past games in the Metroid series, which is a fun bonus for longtime fans. While it might be disappointing that there are no extra cutscenes or playable content, the unlocked gallery ensures that multiple playthroughs will leave you with more than just bragging rights.