Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Find Dribbles the Clown’s Body Parts in BG3

Uncover the location of every Dribbles’ the Clown body part in Baldur’s Gate 3 to complete Lucretious quest.

Dribbles the Clown

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In Act 3, Baldur’s Gate 3 paints a gruesome scene featuring a series of brutal killings. Though solving the mystery behind the murders is fun, nothing beats retrieving the limbs of the Circus’ dead clown. Dribbles was the revered clown of the Circus of The Last Days, and now that he’s gone, both the city and the circus staff are in shambles. Lucretious, the necro-proficient Ringmaster, asks that you bring each severed part of Dribbles’ body, and she will bring him back to life… sort of.

All Dribbles Severed Clown Body Parts Locations in Baldur’s Gate 3

Find Dribbles the Clown Quest
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Though this quest starts as early as you arrive in Rivington, some clown parts will be stored in areas that only get unlocked later in the story. It’s better to carry on with other main and side quests before tackling this one.

ImageBody PartLocationMapHow to Get It
Dribbles’ Severed HandPopper’s Stall, Circus of The Last DaysBaldur's Gate 3 Dribbles the Clown Body Part LocationInspect the table behind Popper to find and steal Dribbles’ Severed Hand.
Dribbles’ Severed TorsoHidden Crypt, Open Hand TempleBaldur's Gate 3 Dribbles the Clown Body Part LocationHead down the Open Hand Temple‘s Ornate Wooden Hatch to unveil a secret altar and crypt. Kill the morphs there and loot their bodies to get Dribbles’ Severed Torso.
Dribbles’ Severed LegLavernica’s House, Lower CityBaldur's Gate 3 Dribbles the Clown Body Part LocationLockpick the front door of Lavernica’s house near Crimson Draughts. Then, lockpick the hatch to find a strange ritual and Dribbles’ Severed Leg in the body at the center.
Dribbles Clown PelvisBlue Door Room, Lower CityBaldur's Gate 3 Dribbles the Clown Body Part LocationHead north of the Basilisk Gate waypoint and enter the blue door. Lockpick the door and loot the area to reveal Dribbles’ Severed Pelvis.
Dribbles’ Clown FootRainforest’s House, Lower CityBaldur's Gate 3 Dribbles the Clown Body Part LocationHead to Rainforest’s House, south of Crimson Draughts. Lockpick the front door, look for the hatch downstairs and loot the corpses to find Dribbles’ Severed Foot.
Dribbles’ Clown ArmPeartree’s House, Lower CityBaldur's Gate 3 Dribbles the Clown Body Part LocationEnter Peartree’s House east of Sorcerous Sundries. Destroy the barricade and throw the Traveler’s Chest to uncover a secret Hatch. Downstairs, loot the body of Little Kimmabeth to find Dribbles’ Severed Arm.
Dribbles’ Clown HeadTemple of Bhaal, UndercityTeleport to the Temple of Bhaal waypoint, head north and look for an altar. Loot the corpse of Wilting Alex to find Dribbles’ Severed Head.

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Now that all body parts are collected, return to Ringmaster Lucretious to complete Find Dribbles The Clown and claim the rewards.