Baldur’s Gate 3 Inventory Management: Multiple Select, Search, Chest of Mundane & More

Here are 6 killer inventory management tips for Baldur’s Gate 3. Learn how to avoid clutter and quickly find items in BG3.

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Venturing through the otherworldly realms of Baldur’s Gate 3 is a riveting experience. However, managing your inventory efficiently often takes a backseat amidst battles and quests. Sadly, there’s no bag holding in BG3. However, Larian Studios has tucked away some hidden gems within the inventory system that can significantly enhance your gameplay. Don’t let your party be weighed down by disorganization – here are five expert inventory management tips that can make your journey smoother and more enjoyable.

Party-wide Search Bar: Find All the Items

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Sifting through the jumble of items in the party’s inventories gets pretty tiring. The party-wide search bar is the ultimate tool for quickly locating items. This BG3 inventory management feature, conveniently located at the top of the inventory tab, lets you open a window displaying the inventories of all party members by pressing the ‘Tab’ key. 

Once it’s open, type a query, like “staff,” and instantly spot the desired item across all party members. This search bar is your portal to a clutter-free inventory.

Select Multiple Items in BG3’s Inventory

Select multiple inventory items bg3
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The power of multiple selection is often underestimated. It’s as intuitive as a Windows function. Click an item, hold ‘Shift,’ and click another – voilà, all items in between are selected. 

Use ‘Control’ with ‘Left Click’ for cherry-picking specific items. The magic unfolds when you right-click after selecting multiple items. A single action now applies to all the chosen items. Imagine marking a range of items as vendor wares or sending an assortment of valuables to your camp in a single stroke. It’s a time-saving trick that can be your inventory’s best friend.

Send Inventory Items to Camp in BG3

Send to Camp BG3
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There are no mounts in Baldur’s Gate 3, so becoming Encumbered makes it hard to travel from one place to another. Carry way too many objects, and walking will become a chore.

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Here’s where the “Send to Camp” inventory management feature in BG3 swoops in to save the day. With a right-click, items can be dispatched straight to your Traveler’s Chest.

Just Ctrl + Left Click everything you desire, followed by a right-click to send these marked items to camp. Simplify the transferral and make your inventory a haven of efficiency.

Avoid Becoming Encumbered with The Chest of Mundane

Baldur's Gate 3 Chest of Mundane
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Hidden treasures aren’t just in quests but also in overlooked game features. Enter the “Chest of Mundane,” found in the Arcane Tower. This chest turns all sorts of items, like heavy armor and ropes, into mundane, weightless items.

This chest employs a clever trick on a balcony behind a closed door. Any item you place inside temporarily transforms into an innocuous item like a spoon or a cup, drastically reducing its weight. 

When you’re ready to cash in, stand beside a merchant, empty the chest, and watch items return to their original forms. It’s a brilliant inventory hack to carry more gear and treasures without the weight burden.

Manage the Inventory with Keychains, Backpacks & Pouches

Keychain BG3
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Larian Studios really did say, “Clutter begone!” Tidying up your inventory is a pouch, backpack, and keychain away. Baldur’s Gate 3 improves inventory management by letting you carry containers like pouches and backpacks as your organizational weapons. 

As you loot through Baldur’s Gate 3, seize the chance to collect pouches – perfect for organizing scrolls and potions. A keyring is no longer necessary, thanks to keychains. Baldur’s Gate 3’s keychain corrals all the keys into one tidy, easy-to-access spot. 

Drag and Drop Items in The World

Drag and Drop Inventory Management BG3
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This slick feature lets you effortlessly distribute items among your party members. Simply left-click an item in your inventory, hold it down, and whisk it over to any party member’s portrait. Need to arm your rogue while enemies close in? No problem. This maneuver works even in the heat of battle.

In fact, it’s not limited to your stash. Imagine you stumble upon an artifact lying around. With the same drag-and-drop mechanic, snatch that treasure and drop it onto the intended party member’s portrait. Like magic, it lands snugly in their inventory. 

Inventory management is never easy, and though Baldur’s Gate 3 might be far from perfect, it’s clear to see that Larian Studios listened to player feedback during the Beta and implemented some of the player suggestions. Naturally, the finished product offers way more versatility and dynamicity when it comes to keeping an inventory nice and tidy.