Baldur’s Gate 3 Quality of Life Mods That Don’t Break the Experience

Dive into the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 mods and improve the game experience – or just fix that missing dye-preview mechanic.

Best Mods BG3

Screenshot by Gamepur

Mods are starting to populate the world of Baldur’s Gate 3. While some of them affect more aesthetical aspects of the game or cater to those interested in cheesing the game’s progression, some focus on improving the quality of life.

I love a mod that changes Astarion’s hair as much as the next person, but functional issues come first. Where’s the dye preview, Larian? This article highlights some of the best mods that improve the BG3 experience without detracting from it.

Bigger Sidebar Mod for BG3

Image via Nexus Mods

The Bigger Sidebar Mod is a game-changer for those leading a party of 6 to 8 adventurers. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and embrace the convenience of an expanded sidebar. 

Managing your diverse group becomes a breeze with increased space for portraits, centered alignment, and a repositioned hotbar. Bid farewell to squinting at small buttons, as this mod optimizes your interface for a seamless gameplay experience.

Highlight Everything Mod for BG3

Image via Nexus Mods

Ever felt like you were missing crucial items right under your nose? The Highlight Everything Mod is here to solve that problem. Hold down the left-alt button, and watch as all interactables light up like a treasure trove. 

It’s a great mod for those who wouldn’t spot a legendary item on the floor, even if it was yelling at them. Not that it’s happened to me or anything.

Bags, Bags, Bags Mod for BG3

Image via Nexus Mods

Inventory management can often feel like a game within a game. The Bags, Bags, Bags Mod introduces a practical solution. With 21 new containers featuring autostacking, your inventory organization significantly upgrades. 

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Vendors across all three acts now offer these containers, available in multiple languages, making cluttered inventories a thing of the past. Extra help to keep the inventory tidy is always welcomed.

WASD Character Movement Mod for BG3

Image via Nexus Mods

Clicking your way across the realm can sometimes break immersion. Enter the WASD Character Movement Mod. Now, you can navigate the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 using familiar keyboard controls. This mod introduces fluid character movement that aligns with the feel of other modern games. Traverse the Sword Coast with newfound ease, and wave goodbye to the clunkiness of point-and-click travel.

Clicking to move is not my go-to. WASD movement makes traverse the world much smoother.

Native Camera Tweaks Mod for BG3

Image via Nexus Mods

If the default camera leaves you wanting more, the Native Camera Tweaks Mod has your back. Unlock your camera’s potential with pitch, zoom, and controller stick dead zone adjustments. Without the need for separate executables, this plugin offers customizable camera settings that put you in command of your perspective.

Having more camera freedom is not something I’d turn away. Zooming into my character’s bitchy reactions definitely enhanced my BG3 playthrough.

Better Hints and Loading Screens Mod for BG3

Image via Nexus Mods

After countless hours of gameplay, even the most helpful hints can start to lose their charm. The Better Hints and Loading Screens Mod injects fresh lore facts and quotes from the iconic BG2.

Not only will you discover intriguing tidbits, but new loading screens also keep things visually captivating. I mean, did you know levers could be triggered using ranged damage?

Everybody Dyes Unlimited Dyeing Mod for BG3

Image via Nexus Mods

Customizing your character’s appearance is part of the fun, but limited dye options can be frustrating. In fact, some dye names aren’t even indicative of the color. This only becomes worse after realizing that only a limited number of merchants actually have dyes for sale.

Thanks to this mod, dyes are no longer consumed on use. This means you can dye to your heart’s content. As loktide puts it, you can become the color-coordinated murder hobos of the Sword Coast.

Purchasable Camp Clothes and Underwear Mod for BG3

Image via Nexus Mods

Camp scenes offer moments of respite, but the lack of suitable attire can break immersion. During the first few acts, many cutscenes take place in camp, and you’ll look ridiculous without the proper attire.

 The Purchasable Camp Clothes and Underwear Mod provides a simple yet effective solution. Access the game’s vanilla camp clothing sets (including shoes) from in-game merchants, ensuring your characters are appropriately dressed during these crucial moments. 

Plus, with an added mod for purchasing underwear sets, you’ll be fully prepared for any situation, if you know what I mean.