Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Buy the Lucky Ring from Mattis in BG3

Trust doesn’t come easy in Baldur’s Gate 3. Should you buy Mattis’ Lucky Ring in The Hollows.

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After a short walk in the Hollows, you may quickly realize that some Tieflings are deceptive beings. Perked ears will hear tales of Tieflings pickpocketing passersby left and right. That’s why it sounds like a scam when a Tiefling kid named Mattis wants to sell a Lucky Ring based on some coin-flipping scheme. But then again, Luck is a typical stat in most RPGS; what if it actually works?

Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Buy the Tiefling Kid’s Lucky Ring?

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Mattis is a Tiefling child who has set up shop with his sister-partner, Silfy. Upon speaking with Mattis, he will hand out a Lucky Ring and ask players to pick a side of the coin. The coin will always flip to your content regardless of the side- heads or tails. I mean it, always. I asked him to do it over and over until he got annoyed. This, he claims, happens thanks to the Lucky Ring.

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This Lucky Ring is, as you probably guessed, a scam. The offer to purchase the ring can be refused in many ways, some more upfront than others. But this encounter opens the possibility of purchasing other wares Mattis has in store. Still, is it safe to buy from this Tiefling kid?

Should You Buy From Mattis in Baldur’s Gate 3?

To put things plainly, not everything Mattis sells is a scam. There are dye and animal parts up for sale. There are some admittedly hilarious scammy rings, like the Ring of Resistance to Ants and the Ring of Being Really Invisible. C’mon, kiddo, try harder.

However, purchasing from Mattis does pose a risk. As you browse his wares, Silfy will sneak up behind the player and quietly steal something from their inventory. There’s a chance to catch Silfy, but it’s also possible to get robbed without even noticing.

While both kids can be confronted on the matter when found out, there’s little opportunity to get compensation for the damages. So it’s better to be careful while interacting with these Tiefling rascals.