Beginner’s tips and tricks for Cookie Run: Kingdom

Get good at Cookie Run Kingdom with these tips and tricks!

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For someone starting out in Cookie Run: Kingdom, the game can be a little intimidating. There’s a lot to do in the game and so many things that can determine a player’s success or failure in a battle. If you’re finding yourself a little lost on what to do, here’s how you can make your time in Cookie Run: Kingdom a lot easier.

Add Cookie Toppings to your cookies

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Cookie Toppings are used to power up your unit. They range from increasing a unit’s attack power, defense, and HP, to increasing their resistance to CRITs and debuffs. Each cookie can have a maximum of five toppings at a time and they are unlocked every five levels up to level 30.

Balance your team with different cookies

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In Cookie Run: Kingdom, it’s important that you don’t have just attackers. Sure, they may provide a lot of damage, but they are squishy units that can easily be wiped out without someone to back them up.

There are nine types of cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

  • Ambush: Can cut into enemy lines and target the rear through their skill
  • Bomber: A ranged attacker who launches projectiles that cause area damage. Skills will do this as well and sometimes give the enemy team a debuff
  • Charge: Close ranged attacker that can push enemies back with their skill
  • Defense: Close ranged unit that will protect the team by tanking, which means this unit will take most of the damage coming in
  • Healing: Will restore the team’s health
  • Magic: A ranged unit whose skills deal high area damage
  • Ranged: A ranged unit whose basic and skill attacks do high damage to a single or a few enemies
  • Summon: Summons small, weaker units to attack enemies
  • Support: Will apply buffs to the team and debuffs to enemies

Because you can only have five units on your team, you need to carefully think about what your team needs. Having two to three damage-focused units and two defensive units is the most common set-up seen in Cookie Run: Kingdom. If you’re not sure who you want on your team, hitting the auto button optimizes a team for you. Hitting auto will also select the best treasures for your team. Treasures will provide a small boost to your team.

Go on Hot Air Balloon Expeditions

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When your Cookie Castle reaches level two, you’ll be able to unlock Hot Air Balloon Expeditions. In this, three to five cookies can be sent out on an adventure to any area you’ve completed in the story. Whatever cookie you sent out cannot be used for castle activities, but can still be used for the game’s various combat modes.

Each Cookie you send out on an expedition will be rewarded with soulstones, cookie toppings, coins, experience, and more. This is also a nice way to get experience towards your kingdom level. We highly recommend sending out your best units so your chances of super success go up. Achieving a super success will give you more rewards.

Particpate in daily bounties

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The daily bounties are a nice way to power up your cookies’ skills. By completing a bounty, you will be rewarded with a skill powder, which is used to level up a cookie’s skill and make it more powerful.

Pull from the gacha

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Although you may not want to spend your crystals, the gacha is a critical part of any player’s success in Cookie Run: Kingdom. While the starting cookies are nice, they can only get you so far.

The gacha holds powerful cookies and items that will make your team better. Thankfully, the developer behind Cookie Run: Kingdom, Devsisters Corporation, is very generous with items so you don’t have to spend any real money on the game.

There are various, free ways to get crystals in the game. Another way to pull from the gacha is by having cookie cutters. Cookie cutters can be obtained primarily through events.

Redeem codes

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You can redeem codes in Cookie Run: Kingdom that will give you items. For example, the newest code made available in the 10.8 update is REALTOUGHCOOKIES. If redeemed, this will give you 500 crystals.

Every month, new codes will be available without warning, so it’s important to always keep up-to-date on them. Typically, codes will last for a month until the next batch is released.