How to get crystals in Cookie Run Kingdom

The only gem we care for.

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There’s nothing more valuable than crystals in Cookie Run: Kingdom. They’re used to get new cookies from the gacha and even complete tasks if you don’t have enough materials to do it. There are a lot of ways to get crystals without having to spend a single dime and here’s how.

Completing various tasks in-game

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What makes Cookie Run: Kingdom so fun is that there’s a lot to do. The game assigns you various tasks to complete. These tasks can be sending out items via the Train Station, completing wishes on the Tree of Wishes, or completing tasks on the Kingdom Pass.

Completing achievements in-game

As you get further into Cookie Run: Kingdom, you’ll complete achievements. These achievements can be accessed by clicking your icon in the upper left-hand corner and then clicking the achievements tab. These achievements can be upgrading a cookie to four stars or leveling them up to level 20.

Completing stages with three stars

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One of the best ways to get crystals is by completing stages with three stars. Completing stages with three stars will give you 100 crystals.

After reaching a certain amount of stars, you will be awarded gems. These different milestones will vary across each episode, but the rewards remain the same.

  • First milestone: 300 crystals
  • Second milestone: 500 crystals
  • Third milestone: 700 crystals

That’s a total of 1,500 crystals, half of what you need for a 10-pull in Cookie: Run Kingdom.

Dark stages, which are harder versions of their normal counterparts, will also give you crystals for getting a certain amount of stars. However, you will only be able to get 800 crystals rather than 700 as the last reward is replaced with a cookie’s soulstone.

Completing events

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Events are a good way to get crystals. By going to the event tabs, you’ll see there are a variety of tasks that can be done. So if you ever find yourself running low on crystals, always check the events and see what needs to be done.

Participating in Kingdom Arena

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Kingdom Arena is where you go up against other players. When you win fights, you’ll be awarded trophies and once you hit a certain amount, you’ll rank up. Ranking up will reward you in crystals. What’s important to take note of here is the rewards tab. By going here, you’ll be able to see the season rewards you’ll get if you end the season in that tier.

For Kingdom Arena, we recommend equipping your best units and taking out players you know you can beat. If you run out of players you can’t beat, there’s a refresh button on the bottom of the screen in the battles tap. You’ll end up using a free refresh, which replenishes every 30 minutes. By doing this, you’ll get a new selection of players to battle.

Redeeming codes

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In Cookie Run: Kingdom, you can redeem codes. Sometimes, these codes will reward you crystals. Note that these codes will usually expire within a month and there will sometimes be new codes without warning, so it’s a good idea to check the code page to see what’s new.