Best base MUT linebackers in Madden 21

The best of the best linebackers.

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If you want to build a solid front seven in MUT, you must start with the linebacker core. Having a strong group of linebackers will not only allow you to wreck your opponent’s passing game but also give the chance to be more flexible with the gameplan. On some occasions, you could run a Cover 3 and have your linebackers protect the middle of the field. Or, you can run a blitz that sends one of your linebackers straight to the quarterback.

The bottom line is that having good linebackers matters in Madden 21, both in Online Head-to-Head and in Madden Ultimate Team. But who are the best base MUT linebackers in Madden 21? Let’s go over our picks for the best of the best, starting with the middle linebackers.

Middle Linebackers

Bobby Wagner

Seahawks MLB Bobby Wagner is a machine in Madden, thanks to his solid Speed (79) that allows him to play adequately in zone defense packages and monstrous Hit Power attribute. The highest-rated base MUT inside linebacker also has impeccable Awareness (89) and Play Recognition, meaning that he should be right where you need him on almost every play. Wagner will cost you a bit, but he should be a strong MLB1 right out the gate, as well as a solid MLB2 once you start beefing up your roster

Lavonte David

Buccaneers MLB Lavonte David has the second-highest OVR (86) among base MUT middle linebackers in Madden 21, trailing behind, yes, you guessed it, Bobby Wagner (88). David might not bring the same punch that Wagner does, but David is still a valuable middle linebacker. David has the same Speed (79) as Wagner, as the Buccaneers MLB has solid Play Recognition (86) and Tackling (85) attributes. David should be a fine addition to your MUT roster.

Deion Jones

Falcons MLB Deion Jones might not have the highest OVR (83) in MUT among linebackers. As a matter of fact, he’s actually the fifth-best middle linebacker in Madden 21 in terms of overall. However, Jones might be the best base user middle linebacker, thanks to his Speed (84) and Acceleration (84). Sure, Jones’ other attributes are solid as well, but Jones’ value comes with his ability to be moved around the field and cover opposing receivers. If you like quick linebackers to use with, pick Deion Jones.

Left Outside Linebacker

Khalil Mack

The highest-rated base MUT left outside linebacker in terms of overall (87), Bears OLB Khalil Mack is a force to be reckoned with. Mack has some of the best Block Shedding (86) and Power Move (87) attributes in Madden 21 among outside linebackers, and those ratings, combined with his Speed (79), make him a tough matchup for opposing offensive lines. Like Bobby Wagner, Mack will cost you a lot, but his ability to rush the quarterback will help pay you back in dividends.

Von Miller

Broncos LOLB Von Miller has been a standout linebacker in the NFL since he arrived in 2011. Nine years after his first NFL game, Miller is still a powerful force in Madden. Miller’s 80 Speed is a plus-plus, and his quickness on the field can give you the flexibility to either user him or send him straight to the quarterback. And with 84 Block Shedding and 85 Power Move attributes, why wouldn’t you want to send him on a blitz?

Anthony Barr

You might be surprised to see Vikings LB Anthony Barr on this list. Sitting at 78 OVR, Barr is not in the top ten among left outside linebackers among overall ratings, and he’s not even a Core Elite player. However, Barr, like Deion Jones, is a great user linebacker. Barr has a higher Speed (80) attribute than other linebackers ahead of him in the overall rating, including Kyle Van Noy and T.J. Watt, and his Acceleration (80) isn’t too bad, either. Barr does have his deficiencies, as he’s an average tackler and not a great pass rusher. However, if you plan on using him as a user, you don’t have to worry about that.

Right Outside Linebacker

Demario Davis

The highest-rated ROLB in Madden Ultimate Team, Saints LB Demario Davis would be a solid add for your MUT team. Davis’ 72 Zone Coverage, 79 Speed, 81 Acceleration, and 86 Play Recognition attributes make him a solid coverage linebacker. Also, Davis’ 85 Tackling and 80 Hit Power attributes are not too bad, either. If you’re looking for a linebacker who could be reliable in both man and zone coverage plays, consider Demario Davis.

Preston Smith

Packers ROLB Preston Smith has the third-highest OVR (82) among right outside linebackers, and his biggest asset is his ability to rush the quarterback. While Smith does have decent running attributes (75 Speed, 81 Acceleration), his 84 Power Move and 82 Pursuit attributes allow him to be a menace in both the opposing team’s running and passing games. If you’re looking for a coverage ROLB, Preston Smith might not be for you. But if you want someone to bring the heat to the other team’s QB, Smith might be worth a look.

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Myles Jack

Jaguars ROLB Myles Jack is one of the more balanced right outside linebackers in MUT, thanks to his running and run defense attributes. Jack’s 80 Speed and 81 Acceleration should give you some flexibility to use him to break up passes, and he’s not a bad run stuffer, either. The Jaguars LB’s weaknesses are in his Pass Rush attributes (43 Power Move, 54 Finesse Move), as neither are good. But if you need a good coverage linebacker who can come in and stop the running back at times, Myles Jack could be your solution.