The best Dinosaurs to tame in Ark: Survival Evolved

Don’t turn a blind eye to these invaluable beasts.

Image via steam

Ark: Survival Evolved, an action-adventure survival game, places players on a dangerous island that’s ravaging with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. The goal is simple — survive. The means of accomplishing that, though, proves to be a notable allure of the game.

Players are encouraged to execute a more strategic and unique approach with the aim of survival: taming the diverse creatures to manipulate their behavior.

Successfully taming a wild creature, including Dinosaurs, in Survival Extinct welcomes critical in-game benefits, including mounting them to scour Corrupted Earth, carrying precious inventory, offering protection from the dangers of the unforgiving planet, or charging into battle with. This begs the question: What’s more satisfying than riding a T-Rex into the battlefield?

This guide will cover the best dinosaurs to tame in Survival Evolved, recognizing beginner-friendliness, in-game utility, potential, and overall satisfaction.


A must-have for survivalists — The Baryonyx is incredibly versatile, as it can easily transition from roaming the land to water environments in a pinch. Additionally, it’s spin attack is highly effective in the water, stunning opponents at a moment’s notice. The Baryonyx is also relatively easy to tame, making them an excellent choice for novice players to pursue.


The Raptor is an incredibly speedy, stalking prey with ease. Fighting off a pack of Raptors is nearly impossible, especially the large groups of them. They’re the perfect Dinosaur paring for mounting, providing exceptional satisfaction for darting around the planet on top of.


The Stegosaurus is a fitting choice to pursue, especially when first starting in Survival Extinct — mainly due to it being a herbivore, meaning it can gather vast quantities of natural resources, including berries. Berries are a vital resource in Survival Evolved, as they are required to produce narcotics, which, in turn, is used to tame even more creatures. With the swoop of its massive tail, the Stegosaurus makes quick work of nearby shrubs and vegetation to collect precious resources.


When it comes to propelling into the battlefield, the Therizinosaurus is a companion you don’t want to overlook. With it’s swift, armor-piercing attacks and damage output abilities, this deadly dino matches well in all areas of battle, including raids, head-on combat, and all other forms of attack.


As far as flying dinosaur’s go, the Tyranadon should be one of the first choices to tame — Reason being; they’re one of the easier ones to tame across the planet, a terrific flyer, and the perfect companion for scoping throughout the environment or enemy bases. The Tyranadon fits the ‘scouting’ bill perfectly.

Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex)

What’s any form of dinosaur ‘best of’ list without mention of the T-Rex? The T-Rex is incredibly rewarding to join forces with — they’re top of the food chain for a reason. These behemoths withhold immense power, along with tremendously high levels of stamina and health, making it a genuinely suitable choice for challenging enemy bases. The T-Rex is simply a tank.


Of course, Mammoths aren’t dinosaurs. But, they’re closely comparable, especially in their enormous size and sheer strength. Mammoth’s are found in the snowy, northern part of the island, typically surrounded by other dangerous predators. They are excellent harvesters and gatherers — vital for obtaining natural resources. Be mindful, though, that taming these wild beasts is a real hurdle.