Best Fortnite Horror Map Codes (2021)

Do not play these maps alone.

Image via Epic Games

Halloween is on the horizon, and it’s the ideal time to try some spooky horror maps in Fortnite. There are plenty of horror maps available in Fortnite, and we’ve put together a list of the best ones that are worth playing.

Bad Dreams- 5707-5919-7318

Bad Dreams is one of the most popular horror maps in Fortnite. The overall content on the map is relatively short but will leave you dazed and confused.

Oliver Japanese Horror Map Code- 5279-5436-2390

It can’t get any scarier than when a clown is continuously chasing you in a haunting Japanese world.

Patient 104- 5553-3300-1757

If you are seeking the jumpscare thrill, then Patient 104 is the right map for you. Unlike other maps, Patient 104 doesn’t consist of complicated puzzles and, is therefore simple to play. However, the eerie hospital environment and spooky vibes are sure to give you chills.

The Shining Hotel Overlook- 8575-8381-2923

Inspired by Among Us, the map pits 10 players together where you must find out the killer before everyone is killed. What makes the map special is that it is set in the Hotel Overlook, the same hotel which is featured in the popular book and movie The Shining.

World’s Smallest Zombie Map- 5896-6228-5947

It’s a zombie apocalypse, and you have to go against a hoard of zombies in a small congested map. You have to make use of every available object to defend yourself and save your life from blood-hungry zombies.