Best group classes in Diablo 3 for Season 25

Maybe a trio of Witch Doctors isn’t always the best call.

Image via Blizzard

Diablo III is a versatile game. Players can enjoy it by themselves or with a few buddies. While some players will want to roll with the best solo classes, others will be looking for the best options for playing in groups. So, before you hit the play button for Season 25 and start the story over again, here are the classes that can take your group to the next level.

Class options

For the people who play Diablo III with friends, building the right team is an important task. Of course, if you just want to have fun and play three Witch Doctors, you can totally do that. But, if you want to build a squad equipped for every scenario, there are some better options out there to create a more balanced crew.

Demon Hunter

These archers have always been fantastic heavy hitters, but they struggle at times with abilities that push their squishy little bodies into the center of fights. While they’re powerful, it makes them less than ideal for solo situations. For groups, though? Have a tank take the aggro and the Demon Hunter can dance around the map doing a bunch of bow-based damage and throwing out traps that turn the monsters into mush.


Crusaders and Monks are popular solo tanks because they can be versatile. In a group, however, people don’t have to cover so many different categories to be effective. Therefore, since Barbarians are just heavy-hitting tanks that knock any enemy to their knees, they are perfect in a group. As long as you have other people around doing buffs and taunts, Barbarians can do a great job at being a stampeding front-liner and taking all the damage for any squishy mages behind him.


Whether you prefer a mage or summoner Necromancer, this class is useful in a team setting. Not only can they do a lot of damage, but they also can use the mountains of nearby corpses to your aid. When you’re pushing through dungeons and maps with huge hordes, a Necromancer can be a sustainable ally. They can feel somewhat weak at times because of their health, but in a group, their summoned units can be great distractions and they add invaluable DPS to the fight.