Best Intelligence Perks In Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty

For players looking to complete jobs in style, the intelligence tree is the best option. Here are the top perks in the reworked 2.0 tree.

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Cyberpunk is a true RPG with dozens of choices and builds, and although V is a master of all, intelligence builds offer the most unique gameplay in the game. The best part of all is that the tree can service all three aspects of playstyles, whether that is stealth, action, or hacking, despite your level and experience. Its versatility is pretty good for players looking to put all their points into one archetype. With that in mind, we’re here to offer our list of the best intelligence perks in the game.

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Carhacker is one of the easiest perks to get. It allows players to control every aspect of vehicles, from driving to alarms to exploding. If you’re looking for ways to distract enemies or something to assist you in harrowing shootouts, this choice is super versatile in the ways you can use it. This addition also gives vehicles more of a purpose than mandatory mission-based vehicle chases.

Target Locked Transfer

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If guns are your thing, Target Locked Transfer is great if you’re in love with Smart Guns. It increases your target range by one percent, which means hitting targets further away. It also allows you to hip-fire and change smart weapons seamlessly without dropping the target. Playing with smart weapons is a fun experience if all you care about is the story and immersing yourself in the city. It’s highly recommended by us here if you’re intrigued by the shooter aspect of the game.


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When upgrading your Cyberdeck, it’s always a good idea to check what the perk tree offers besides new decks and augmentations. In this case, Overclock is good for players looking to get that extra performance boost out of that playstyle. This perk’s biggest improvements are an increased RAM recovery rate, quickhack damage, and allowing players to use health instead of RAM whenever they are low on the latter. This is mandatory if you want to play as a hacker or cyber specialist.

Smart Synergy

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Smart Synergy builds upon perks like Target Locked Transfer and Overclock by introducing auto lock and increasing damage on targets affected by quickhacks. This perk was chosen over the rest due to how powerful it is, despite how straightforward the bonuses are. It’s really a big deal to increase the damage against tougher enemies, such as bosses, as the damage they can do will make life hard, especially on harder difficulties. Also, when it comes to the targeting radius, having a bigger one is underrated when it comes to how much it can help out.


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Another big perk that benefits from Overdrive is the emphasis on powering up your quickhack capabilities. Imagine Superman flying into the sun, and you’ll have an idea of what this perk does for Overdrive. In particular, it allows you to share the love your quick hacks can cause with other targets at a fifty percent chance. This is great for those who like to use short circuits and overheat.

Eye In The Sky

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For stealth users, this perk is great at keeping an eye on everything from a safe location. To be specific, it allows you to highlight nearby access points and cameras. This, in turn, allows you to use the camera to highlight enemies and other important objects. It also grants you bonuses in control, covert, and distract enemy quick hacks by negative one ram cost and plus fifty percent duration.

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Queue Mastery

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Last but not least is queue mastery, which gives players an extra queue slot for their quickhacks. We are jumping for joy for veteran players, as this is a huge bonus for pure hacking builds. On top of the extra slot, this perk allows the last queue slot to cost fifty percent less RAM, with the caveat of locking the queue until all quickhacks have been uploaded. Players receive an extra fifteen percent damage bonus against enemies while the queue is locked to compensate for this.