Best Minecraft Decoration Ideas for Base Building

Minecraft players can craft just about any dream home they can imagine. Here are a few ideas to help start the process.

Screengrab via Goldrobin’s Youtube

Minecraft is truly an endless source of fun and creativity. From exploring to building, running out of things to do in this open-world sandbox game is almost impossible. One fan-favorite major project is found in base building – and it’s no small undertaking.

Fans can build epic structures based on favorite books and moves, or aim for something simple and rustic. However, getting started when all you have is a hunk of wood you punched from a tree can be daunting. Because of that, we have pulled together some excellent ideas to help get your base under construction.

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Creative decorations for Minecraft base building

Screengrab via WiederDude’s YouTube

Using Stairs and Slabs for Cave Entrances

A good entrance to your mines or underground base can give a memorable first impression to your friends visiting it. If you use stone slabs and stairs in a clever way, you can create quite a sight from your entrance alone.

When using this decoration idea in your Minecraft base, it can be easily adjusted to any size you’d want. Big or small, with the effective use of slabs and stairs, you can definitely give off a wow factor for your base.

Floating Library

Screenshot by Gamepur

Decorating your enchantment table can sometimes be troublesome, especially with the requirements needed to efficiently use your enchantment table. However, since Minecraft physics does not work like ours, you can easily make enchanting look more magical with this simple trick.

You can create a floating library complete with a floating stone staircase to sell the magic of your work in your library. With this design, you can really put the word enchant in enchantment.

Broken Magic Towers

If you are a medieval lover then magic towers or castle towers are for sure your thing. How do you make something that’s been built so many times unique? You break it and fix it with magic.

Using Minecraft’s lack of physics, you can tear your towers to shreds, and they’ll stay standing. You can even benefit from the gap from this tower whenever you want to fly in and out of your base with your Elytra. You can apply this design to houses and other buildings to add magic to everything you build.

Turn Things Upside Down

An underground paradise is sure on all of our Minecraft base bucket lists, and with the Caves and Cliffs update, this is much easier. Once you find that huge underground open space, it’s often challenging to think about the next few steps you’ll need to take to spruce up your new underground base.

Why not turn the overworld upside down? With the help of moss blocks and the natural terrain of the underground roof, you can create a copy of what an overworld plains biome looks like but upside down. If you collect enough leaves and logs, you can make it into a forest, a jungle, or an upside-down village if you’re feeling the grind.

Redstone and Vine Berries

Image via daxar123_builds’s YouTube

If you’re looking for a more simplistic wall design, add some red, delicious-looking berries. Perfect for creating mountainside walls with lush greenery or a wall of a medieval castle that’s been overgrown.

This simple design can be easily done with Redstone ore blocks and vines. Simply replace a few blocks on your walls with Redstone ore blocks and cover them with vines, and you can create an illusion of a berry wall on the side of your base.

Interior Reflection

If you think you’ve fully decked out your entire base interior but want more out of it, try polishing your floor until it reflects your base. With this design, it’ll look as if you have a glass floor that mirrors the inside of your base.

Doing this is simple, but it’ll take quite a long time to get the desired resort. You have to rebuild your whole interior upside down under your base’s floor (made out of black stained glass) to give off the illusion that your floor is squeaky clean.

Hanging Lights

Why not let hanging lanterns illuminate your Minecraft base in style? Level up your Minecraft base with the simple addition of hanging lanterns.

These light sources provide much-needed illumination and add a touch of elegance and charm to your surroundings. Whether you hang them from blocks or fences, these lanterns effortlessly enhance the ambiance of your base, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

A Comfy Couch

The bed is comfy, but what if you don’t want to lie down while you rest? A couch with pillows is in order.

To create a cozy couch with pillows in Minecraft, you can use banners as a base and add a layer of wool or carpet on top for comfort. Another option is to use stairs and slabs. Once the base is done, banners can make for lovely pillows, and you can decorate them with colors and patterns.