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The 10 best Minecraft Twitch streamers

The best Minecraft Twitch streamers, bar none.

The best-selling game on the planet is Minecraft, and it isn’t even close. With a mix of survival and RPG-lite adventure, the block-based game has been turning heads since it was originally introduced in May 2009 as a weekend project. Since then, it has enraptured the gaming industry with its relatively simplistic design, allowing almost anything to occur. Add in a massive library of mods, a celebrated vibrant and diverse community, and a couple of streamers that are eager to entertain, and you’ll never have to go outside and touch real grass again.

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The issue with any large community is that finding the cream of the crop can be challenging. Whether you’re seeking the best Minecraft mods, the best Minecraft mountain range seeds, or even the best Minecraft build challenges, the amount of noise can make it difficult to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff. Get your Twitch Prime subs ready — here are the 10 best Minecraft Twitch streamers.

#10 — DameTheDime

Image via DameTheDime on Twitch

If you’re looking for nonstop Minecraft streaming, it’s hard not to recommend DameTheDime on Twitch. Statistically, Dame offers more Minecraft than almost anyone else in this list and does so with a cozy community and awe-inspiring builds entirely in Hardcore Minecraft, which he’s clocked over 10,000 days in thus far. It’s common for Dame to stream more than 12 hours in a single session, and with clear objectives when he logs in, it’s always a good time.

#9 — iskall85

Image via iskall85 on YouTube

The Swedish streamer Iskall85 is a known entity within the Minecraft world on YouTube and Twitch, with well over 2 million cumulative subscribers. Iskall85 is the creator of FoolCraft, FunCraft, and Vault Hunters Minecraft mod packs and extensively explores them on Twitch and YouTube. With unique hours thanks to his Swedish location, Iskall85 is often the top-ranked streamer for Minecraft when analyzing data based entirely on game ranking, and his community is a welcoming place to chat. His northern-European accent can occasionally be challenging to understand, but his streams should be one of the first stops for anyone exploring Minecraft streamers.

#8 — CaptainSparklez

Image via CaptainSparklez on YouTube

We’ve discussed the legend of CaptainSparklez before, and for good reason. This streamer built modern Minecraft entertainment into the powerhouse it is today, and CaptainSparklez streams are brimming with both creativity and personality. This content creator was around before Minecraft exploded into the fountain of fame it now holds and shows no sign of stopping as his streams continue to reach new peak viewership. CaptainSparklez, or Jason, streams Minecraft on Twitch nearly every day, scoping out new mods and build challenges to the delight of his fans.

#7 — impulseSV

Image via ImpulseSV on Twitch

The Minecraft Twitch streamer ImpulseSV offers a host of various titles that he plays on stream but is still predominantly Minecraft-focused by a massive margin. There’s nothing wrong with dabbling in a bit of variety, especially when you’ve been in the Minecraft content-creation game for well over a decade. ImpulseSV streams gameplay on the HermitCraft pack and has a welcoming community of 289,000 followers. Whether you’re searching for modded playthroughs or streamers in a vibrant server, ImpulseSV offers a lot.

#6 — GoodTimesWithScar

Image via GoodTimesWithScar on Twitch

As the name on the tin implies, Minecraft Twitch streamer GoodTimesWithScar offers some good times for viewers who catch his channel when it goes live. The YouTuber turned Twitch now maintains output on both channels, but his Twitch is a preference for many that like to interact with the content creator. Scar streams Minecraft almost exclusively, but his streams are a bit rarer than some community members may prefer, sporadically appearing an average of once a week on differing days. Perhaps this offers viewers a unique Pokémon fix, managing to catch this elusive streamer when he goes live for an average of a three-hour block.

#5 — CaptainPuffy

Image via CaptainPuffy on Twitch

CaptainPuffy has participated in her fair share of Minecraft Championships over the years, and her streams offer a vibrant place for Minecraft fans to hang out. Joining the Dream SMP team in late 2020, Caroline has been creating Minecraft content for the past four years, developing a large community of almost 2,000,000 followers across all channels. Hey Twitch channel is where it’s at, however, holding the vast majority of her viewers, either due to her tendency to play with Dream SMP team or her consistent streaming schedule.

#4 — tommyinnit

Image via tommyinnit on Twitch

Tommyinnit’s Twitch streams have come after his success in the YouTube content creator sphere, but that doesn’t mean he’s a small creator on the Amazon platform by any means. Tommyinnit’s bizarre humor and off-the-wall antics have garnered him an impressive 7.3 million followers on the streaming platform, occasionally climbing beyond 50,000 viewers during a single Minecraft stream. Unfortunately, his streams last only a short time, typically beginning and ending within two hours.

#3 — Linkzzey

Image via Linkzzey on Twitch

Linkzzey’s Twitch stream is, by far, the smallest community in the list, with 82,000 followers and an average of 400 viewers per stream. He climbs our data charts with impeccable efficiency, however, based entirely on how consistently he streams Minecraft and tends to offer a hefty 8-hour block minimum per stream. Linkzzey has been streaming a Hardcore Minecraft playthrough that has reached over 21,600 days. It’s raw Minecraft with a cozy community, and the level of content pushed out simply dwarfs the biggest names in the community. It’s a simple concept, oft-misunderstood: the greatest step one can take to being a massive name is to turn on the stream.

#2 — JonBams

Image via JonBam on Twitch

JonBams Twitch streams have a simple concept: vanilla Hardcore Minecraft, every single day of the week, averaging at four hours per stream. It’s a simple concept, but it’s executed well enough that he pushes out Linkzzey and Tommyinnit in terms of user watch time. Holding over 450K viewers, JonBams has been succeeding based almost entirely on unerring tenacity, consistently reaching the top 5 of Twitch game-ranking each day he completes his four-hour journey. Finally, the stream is growing exponentially in follower numbers, month over month, since 2015.

#1 — Philza

Image via Philza on Twitch

It’s Philza, the uncontested royalty of Minecraft Twitch streams. His 5-year Hardcore Minecraft run ended by a baby zombie is now a pinnacle of the community, regardless of whether other streamers have surpassed the mark at this time. Philza streams almost daily, has a massive community built into Twitch, and for solid chunks of time. Phil tends to be more of a mature-themed streamer and joined Dream SMP in late 2020, near the same time as CaptainPuffy. His death to the baby zombie is thought to have catapulted the streamer into stratosphere as one of the biggest Minecraft streamers on Twitch.

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