Best MyPlayer Defensive/Rebounding Badges in NBA 2K22

Which badges can improve your defense?

Image via Take-Two

Badges are an essential part of any MyPlayer build in NBA 2K22. These items can be the difference between a poor build that will struggle in online or offline play and a quality build that can do the job. This is why you can’t neglect this portion of the build, especially when looking for Defensive/Rebounding badges to run. If you need some advice on which badges to ensure that your build has, let’s go over our picks.

Ball Stripper

  • Description: Helps increase chance of a steal when attempting to strip a layup or dunk near basket

Centers and power forwards might want to pencil this badge into the plans. The Ball Stripper badge allows the holder to increase the chance of forcing a turnover when attempting to strip a layup or dunk near a basket. This can be a useful tool when weaker players try to attack the paint, and be very helpful when forcing turnovers.


  • Description: Boosts the ability to stay in front of the ball handler on the perimeter

Point guards, but more importantly, shooting guards, small, and power forwards, must have the Clamps badge. Clamps was arguably the best badge in NBA 2K21, and it’s back for 2K22. Clamps boosts the holders’ ability to stay in front of the ball handler on the perimeter. Those who have Clamps have access to quicker cut moves and are more successful when bumping the ball handler. This badge is pivotal if you want any chance of stopping sharp-shooting guards and forwards who have a knock for dropping mid-range shots. It will allow you to stay in front, and thus, give you a better chance of getting hands in front and preventing a clean shot.


  • Description: Offensive players have less success shooting when contested by players with badge

Most players could use this badge, but big men, in particular, could use the Intimidator badge. Offensive players who are matched up with ones who have the Intimidator badge will have a lower success rate when attempting a contested shot. Contesting shots is key to preventing baskets, but an extra boost can certainly be of use. Try to fit this badge in your build if you can.

Post Lockdown

  • Description: Improves the defender’s ability to defend post moves and backdowns

Post Lockdown is another badge that big men will need in NBA 2K22. This badge improves the defender’s ability to stop post moves and backdowns. Centers and power forwards will need plenty of help when playing defense, so this badge should be one on your shortlist. It can be useful should you match up within who likes post moves.

Rebound Chaser

  • Description: Improves ability to track down rebounds from farther distances than normal

Yes, this is essentially a must-have badge if you’re big. Rebound Chaser improves the ability of the holder to track down rebounds from farther distances. This, for the most part, will give the holder a big rebounding advantage against those who don’t, just because the badge boosts the possibility of getting the correct animation when you can rebound. Want to create a rebounding machine for The City? Make sure to boost all the rebounding attributes as high as possible, and ensure that you work towards getting this badge maxed out.

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Tireless Defender

  • Description: Reduces energy lost when exerting effort on defense

Stamina is pivotal when defending, so you should have a badge like Tireless Defender for your build. Tireless Defender’s effect is rather simple: it reduces energy lost when exerting effort on defense. If you plan on getting involved in online play, expect to come across many users who will run with fast builds. To keep up on D, Tireless Defender should come in handy.