Best Nature for Dunsparce and Dudunsparce in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The paraflinch king returns to claim its throne.

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Dunsparce, arguably one of the weaker Normal-types in previous gens, did have one thing going for it that most other Pokemon cannot claim — it was a true menace as a “paraflincher.” The strategy of Paralyzing your opponent and then hitting them with an increased chance to flinch gives opponents only a 30% chance to retaliate. Dudunsparce, the new evolution, does the exact same thing, but better — so here’s the best Nature for Dunsparce and Dudunsparce in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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What is the best nature for Dunsparce and Dudunsparce?

Dudunsparce has a much higher base stat total than Dunsparce, sitting at a comfortable 530. A high 125 base HP combined with a high 100 base Attack allows it to do what it’s always done — headbutt your opponent until they get mad at you. Beware the subpar defensive stats, however — 80 Defense and 75 Special Defense combined with a 65 Speed means you need to get Paralyze out as soon as possible in order to avoid certain doom. All of that equates to Dudunsparce desiring the Adamant Nature to maximize damage output.

Image via Game Freak

Dudunsparce’s best ability and moves in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Dudunsparce gets three abilities, but only one is really worth talking about — Serene Grace, which doubles the chance of a move having an additional effect. In Dudunsparce’s case, this means that Serene Grace will boost the 30% flinch chance from Headbutt to 60%. Combined with Glare, which paralyzes the opponent, you are only giving the enemy approximately a 30% chance to attack every turn.

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Move selection is straightforward, and mirrors what Dunsparce would run in previous generations — Glare, Headbutt, Roost, and your choice of Rockslide or Substitute. We recommend Rock Slide because a Rock-type move that hits both opponents and has a 60% chance to flinch is pretty powerful.