The seven best Rumbleverse builds to use in-game

Be the last man standing with these overpowered builds.

Diving warrior in Rumbleverse

Image via Epic Games

Rumbleverse is a battle royale game with the added twist of melee-only combat. The most critical part of surviving Rumbleverse is increasing your stats. You can use stat pods to increase your damage, health, or stamina. Builds refer to a combination of stats that you should focus on and other complementary abilities. Having a good build with perfect synergy will increase your chances of survival. Here are seven of the best Rumbleverse builds to help you survive the battlefield.

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Anti-Spammer build

Two fighters on the rail tracks in Rumbleverse
Image via Epic Games

Spammers in Rumbleverse are annoying, and here’s the perfect build to counter them. This build has 5 HP + 5 Stamina + Choke Slam + Sumo Slam. With this build, you’ll be able to withstand any lethal attacks, and choke slam interrupts the annoying people who only know how to spam moves.

Atomic Punch build

A pink-haired player in Rumbleverse
Image via Epic Games

The atomic punch build is another tanky build that gives you a high survival chance by giving you a massive amount of HP. The best thing about this build is that it isn’t that difficult to set up, as the second skill or passive can be anything you want. The build has 10 HP + Atomic Punchline + any skill. This build doesn’t require too much in-depth knowledge about mechanics; you only need to go in and spam your atomic punch.

Fun Tornado build

Warrior kicking in Rumbleverse
Image via Epic Games

The fun tornado build is enjoyable as you’re like a hunter preying on a massive group of people brawling out. The build consists of 5 HP + 5 Stamina + Sadistic + Cyclone. You essentially just wait for a brawl to happen and drop onto the group of people with a fully-charged cyclone. This build allows you to take out multiple people at once, increasing your chances of surviving throughout the game.

Omega Uppercut Ring out build

Punching warrior in Rumbleverse
Image via Epic Games

This glass cannon build allows you to send enemies flying away. For this build, you will need to gather 10 Stamina + Omega Uppercut + Dolphin Dive. The ring-out build requires a lot of mechanical abilities to work, so it takes a lot of practice and in-game experience to maximize its effectiveness. The combo goes like Uppercut -> Dodge Cancel -> Dolphin Dive -> Dodge Cancel -> Dolphin Dive. It takes a lot of getting used to, especially with the animation cancels, so take your time learning and mastering this build.

Sumo Slap Tanky build

Chicken Warrior celebrating in Rumbleverse
Image via Epic Games

Another way to survive the battle royal match in Rumbleverse is by making yourself very tanky, and having a lifesteal is the perfect complementary passive for that. This build consists of 10 HP + Sadism + Sumo Slap. Even the most powerful supers won’t be able to stand a chance against this tanky build.

Super Sumo Heal build

Luchador flexing in Rumbleverse
Image via Epic Games

This fun little build will make you very tanky to survive as long as possible. This build includes 10 HP + Super Sumo + Sadistic, which allows you to heal from your ability, further increasing survivability throughout the match. It’s a reasonably easy build to acquire and master due to the vampiric effect of Sadistic, giving players more leeway for mistakes.

Weapons Master build

Screenshot of Trailer for Rumbleverse
Image via Epic Games

The weapons master build has a balanced 5 Damage + 5 HP + any abilities. This build can seriously do damage, especially when you equip a weapon like the keybat. In theory, you’ll be able to get 10k+ damage with one keybat. It is a high-risk, high-reward build perfect for players confident in their skill and mechanics in Rumbleverse!