Best scary games on Xbox Game Pass to play this Halloween

From zombies to the extraordinary, there are some great horror games on Xbox Game Pass.

Image via WB Games

On this fateful night, you decide to have a fright. Looking up and down Xbox Game Pass can be quite challenging, maybe we can find something that will leave your heart supercharging. There are many great games on offer, soon you will suffer.

Back 4 Blood (PC and Console)

Image via Warner Bros. Interactive

The much awaited follow up of Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood, from Turtle Rock Studios maintains the spirit of the Valve series and brings it up to modern systems. The guns all feel fantastic to use and the frenetic energy of the zombies charging towards you is always thrilling. The developers have also injected some personality in the main cast with some witty conversations between them.

We also have the introduction of boss-type enemies that can tower over your party of four in online play. The multiple difficulties and its interesting card system that can drastically alter your character is something that will keep you playing Back 4 Blood over and over again.

Dead by Daylight (PC and Console)

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight is a game made for multiplayer mayhem. Inspired by the classic game of hide and seek, players must escape the clutches of a sinister monster, who is also controlled by a fifth user. In this asynchronous game, you have to start multiple generators and escape from your hunter’s clutches. Part of the fun is learning what each monster can do and how to avoid them. Like Back 4 Blood, there is also a detailed card-like system that can significantly change your abilities as both a victim and the monster.

The game has been updated heavily over the past few years with crossover content from Resident Evil, Hellraiser, Stranger Things, Halloween, and Silent Hill. It’s pretty much the Super Smash Bros. of horror properties. The maps from those franchises are free, but you’ll have to pay an extra cost to earn those characters. Still, Dead by Daylight is a chilling, yet exciting multiplayer experience you should check out with friends. It’s popular with streamers for a reason.

Dead Space (PC and Console)

Image via EA

The acclaimed sci-fi horror title from Visceral Games is one of the most terrifying games on this list. As Isaac Clarke, you are exploring an abandoned ship because you’re trying to find out what happened. With a supremely dark vibe throughout, you must escape the horrors of the ghoulish necromorphs that want to rip you apart from head to toe. The gameplay and the story have been praised across the board with an 86 MetaCritic. It’s so well-regarded that it will be getting a remake in the future.

The Evil Within (PC and Console)

Image via Bethesda

Directed by Resident Evil 4‘s Shinji Makami, The Evil Within is a creepy third person action game that has you trapped into the minds of the insane asylum. The atmosphere is creepy, odd, and fascinating all at the same time as you fight the corrupted and scrounge for parts and ammo. While the graphics have aged poorly (we recommend turning off the widescreen and the film grain), there’s a great game in The Evil Within because of its excellent puzzle design, bone-chilling boss fights, and satisfying weapons.

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard (PC and Console)

Image via Capcom

Resident Evil is a classic franchise for a reason, and one of the best games in the series is available on Xbox Game Pass. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard is a first-person take on the survival horror genre with a fantastic story, excellent boss design, and great graphics. The characters that want to cause you suffering are on an endless pursuit to kill you, and as you continue your journey, the mysteries begin to unravel in intriguing fashion. If you haven’t already, download this game and play it.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War (PC and Console)

Image via Rebellion

If Dead by Daylight isn’t your style and you want to blow up zombies in some third person shooter action, Zombie Army 4: Dead War. It didn’t win any Game Awards or BAFTA’s, but shooting the undead with your buddies will settle your scary game craving as you slaughter them left, right, and center.

This is also a spinoff of the Sniper Elite series, so when you snipe zombies, you’ll get that sweet, sweet slow motion as the bullet pierces through their skulls in X-ray vision. You are also rewarded for your time as you’ll go through in-depth progression systems and weapon upgrade options. We found all the best weapons in the game if you decide to pick up Zombie Army 4: Dead War.