BitLife: How to be born in Kansas

Who wants to visit Kansas?

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Your character can be born anywhere in the world when you set them down in BitLife. You can make this selection when you first start the game, and it can be an important choice for you to make. However, some challenges in BitLife might require you to be born in a specific location.

For the Massive Gains challenge in BitLife, one of the tasks requires your character to start in Kansas. This is a location in the United States. Unfortunately, none of the states are listed. Instead, you have the select the city for your character to start, and the correct location can be challenging. This guide covers how to have your character be born in Kansas in BitLife.

How to have a character be born in Kansas in BitLife

Multiple cities are featured from Kansas in BitLife, and you can pick any of them to check this requirement off the list for the Massive Gains challenge. One of the most accessible choices you can make to quickly finish this requirement is Kansas City, close to the middle of the cities option.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can find it underneath Jacksonville and above Las Vegas. If you start getting close to city options like Memphis, Miami, or Oakland, you’ve gone too far and need to scroll back up to select Kansas City. This location is the surefire way to complete this requirement for any BitLife challenge.

Alternatively, the next option you can make is Wichita, which is at the very bottom of the available city list in the United States. You can make this an alternative option if your character does not appear in Kansas City. Picking one of these options when your character is born will work.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you’ve made this selection, the first check should be marked off in the BitLife challenge, and you can start worrying about the other objectives.