Can you catch a shiny Eevee in Pokémon Go?

Does your Eevee have a shine to it?

Image via Niantic

Whenever a Pokémon receives an increased spawn in Pokémon Go, players have to wonder if there’s a chance they’re going to encounter the incredibly rare shiny versions. The chances of meeting one in the wild are extremely low, with the odds being a one in 450 chance of it happening. But it does happen, and the odds increase during specific events, such as a Community Day centered around that Pokémon. So if you encounter an Eevee, is there a chance you can find its shiny version in Pokémon Go?

Yes, the shiny version of Eevee is available in Pokémon Go, and any player who encounters one in the wild has a chance of clicking on it to discover the unique version of this Pokémon. Furthermore, because Eevee has its shiny version, all evolutions have access to its shiny versions, including Sylveon, the final Eevee evolution to join Pokémon Go.

The shiny version of Eevee does not offer any additional stats or bonuses, but it looks different than a regular one and gives you bragging rites. You can use it against other players in PvP battles or during raid encounters when working alongside other trainers. Eevee’s shiny version has been in Pokémon Go following its original Community Day in 2018. Most collectors are likely after every evolved shiny version of Eevee, which means catching this Pokémon eight times, and then evolving it. While a complicated process, it’s a challenge most collectors are eager to tackle.