Can you change the Japanese voice settings in Nioh 2?

Change the language options in your Nioh 2 game.

Image via Team Ninja

Nioh 2 features a vibrant cast of characters playing their part in the story, along with numerous NPCs speaking to one another while you wander around in the game. The default setting is for all of these voices to feature a Japanese voice actor, and they are all speaking in Japanese. For those looking to hear it in English, is there a setting, and if so, how do you change it?

Unfortunately, you can’t make this change while playing the game. You need to return to the title screen to make these changes. You can do it before loading the game from the options menu.

Go to the system menu and proceed down to the language settings. You will have two options: text and voice language settings. The text is automatically selected to English (US), and the voice is set to Japanese. Both text and voice have these options, and you can change them out from this menu at any time. The text option has considerable more options, such as French, Spanish, and Portuguese. If you ever want to make the switch again, you need to return to the title screen to make the changes.

The voice actors only switch from Japanese to English. You can return to these settings at any time, and save every time you change them.

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