Can you lock onto enemies in Gotham Knights?

Is aiming at enemies more difficult for you?

Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Gotham Knights is generous in how it approaches combat. The game gives players the option to choose between four playable characters, each with their own proficiencies and playstyles. This makes crime fighting throughout Gotham feel a lot less tedious since at any point you can head back to the Belfry and switch characters. With any game though, you may ask yourself pointed questions about how combat works, like whether or not you can lock onto enemies. For this question, we’ve got you covered.

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Is it possible to lock onto enemies in Gotham Knights?

As fun as Gotham Knights’ combat may be, the game lacks some common features such as the ability to target enemies. Locking onto enemies is unfortunately not available in Gotham Knights, but at least besting criminals isn’t too difficult. If you have trouble with aiming, one character in particular could be a good option for you.

Robin is more focused on stealth and avoiding direct combat. This means that you don’t regularly have to rely on your skills per se. Instead, you can slither around your enemies and use decoys, silent takedowns, and smoke bombs to best criminals. This makes Robin much more of a strategic choice than the other three characters, since playing as this hero means you will have to avoid jumping straight into combat and instead carefully use your abilities.

If you are wanting to build up some neat tricks, you will need to fight crime and complete missions throughout Gotham to earn experience. Once you earn enough experience, you will level up and receive ability points that can be spent to acquire new skills. Adding these moves to your arsenal will only improve your ability to best Gotham’s worst villains, so be sure to wrack up that experience.