CoD Modern Warfare 3: Every Killstreak in Open Beta Ranked From Best to Worst

You can use a handful of killstreaks in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and this guide ranks all killstreaks from best to worst.

Scrapyard is a standout map in every Call of Duty game it is featured in, and that's not going to change in Modern Warfare 3.

Image via Activision.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Open Beta is a great time to try if you enjoy the new game. There will be select opportunities to try it out, giving you an idea if you plan to dive into the official release when it comes out on November 10, 2023. You can customize your loadout to try out select weapons, and one thing everyone will want to test out is the Killstreaks.

There are a handful of Killstreaks that you can use and unlock while playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Open Beta. This guide will cover the best killstreaks you should be using in the Open Beta ahead of the game’s official release.

All Killstreaks in Modern Warfare 3’s Open Beta, Ranked

Image via Activision

When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Open Beta officially launches, only eight Killstreaks are available now. You want to make sure you secure the best choices for your limited time playing the game, and I want to highlight these choices: UAV, Counter UAV, SAE, and the Juggernaut Recon. Those are our favorites, with the other options being ranked lower based on my preference. You might be able to optimize certain Killstreaks better if you’re playing with friends.

1. Juggernaut Recon Killstreak

For those who want to rush the enemy with a lot of firepower, it’s challenging to beat the Juggernaut Recon Killstreak. When you unlock and use this Killstreak in Modern Warfare 3, you’ll receive a care package with a Juggernaut Outfit that gives you a protective riot shit, a Haymaker, and a Smoke Grenade. You’ll be able to rush an enemy position with this loadout, leading the way for your allies, and you can ping nearby enemies to make it easier to find them, controlling the battlefield. The Juggernaut Recon Killstreak requires you to get eight kills in a row, which can be a decisive downside to MW3.

2. SAE Killstreak

If you prefer to destroy the enemy from afar, the SAE Killstreak is better for you. After seven kills, you can unlock a unique airstrike in Modern Warfare 3, where you’ll be select three specific targets on the map to rain down explosives. This is an excellent way to clear an area before you launch a counterattack against an enemy team, paving the way forward for your team before you secure a point.

3. Counter UAV Killstreak

If the enemy always knows where to find you, a good way to prevent this is to cut off their radar. You can do that with the Counter UAV Killstreak in Modern Warfare 3. You only need to reach five kills on a character to unlock it during a match, and you’ll scramble the enemy’s minimap for a short period of time. This is a great way to force an enemy team to rely entirely on their eyes and can give you the upper hand if another teammate launches a UAV at the same time so you can track down the enemy’s exact location.

4. UAV Killstreak

The fourth best Killstreak that you should consider always having in your loadout in Modern Warfare 3 is the UAV. It’s a standard one that has been in many Call of Duty games, but it’s still one of the best ones you can always rely on. You only need to reach four kills in a row during a match to unlock it, and then you can use it to learn the enemy position on your minimap while also sharing it with allies. It’s a great way to outmaneuver enemies in every playlist, making it one of the best Killstreaks, especially given how easy it is to unlock.

5. Remote Turret Killstreak

The Remote Turret is another unique Killstreak that you can use during Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Open Beta. You’ll need to get at least seven kills in a row to use it during a match, and when you place it, the turret will scan for nearby enemies and blow them away. Depending on where you place it, the remote turret can be devastating, but it can be easy to take out if you’re not careful where you set it. However, it does use incendiary-based rounds, which can be truly devastating to any ground infantry in MW3.

6. SAM Turret Killstreak

If your team is worried about vehicles in the air, the SAM turret is an excellent way to prevent them from showing up. You’ll need to reach four kills to use this Killstreak, and when you place it, the turret fires targeted missiles at any enemy vehicles that have taken to the air. Unfortunately, because it only fires against vehicles in the air, it can be selectively used in Modern Warfare 3 and won’t be great for every match.

7. Mosquito Drone Killstreak

The Mosquito Drone is a powerful Killstreak if you want to catch enemies out in the open. You need to reach four kills in a row to unlock it. When you throw it into the air, the drone is looking to lock on to an enemy and dive bomb them with a well-placed explosive. If there are other enemies around them, there’s a good chance you might take out multiple foes simultaneously. This Killstreak can be picky because it won’t be helpful indoors, and you want a decent amount of room to make sure to land on a foe and not hit a building.

8. Guardian-SC Killstreak

The final Killstreak I want to discuss is the Guardian-SC. It’s a unique Killstreak where you place a large, spotlight-like tool. It’s a non-lethal attack that, when used against an enemy, can cause them to experience similar effects to being hit by a stun grenade, where their movement is reduced, their vision is blurred, and they lose sight of their UI. This can be incredibly helpful against certain foes, but you need to find the proper placement, and your team needs to optimize it during your Modern Warfare 3 match.