CoD Modern Warfare 3: How To Redeem Open Beta Codes

The Modern Warfare 3 beta is live and rolling on. Follow along if you’re having trouble redeeming your code.

Captain Price is the fierce leader of Task Force 141 in Modern Warfare 3.

Image via Activision.

The Modern Warfare 3 beta is live and underway. Jumping into the action is a bit complex in the age of multi-platform betas, but if you’ve pre-ordered the game (or snagged a code online) and are ready to get rolling, you’ll need to know a few things about where to start.

It’s a journey that will take you to the Call of Duty website before requiring you to use another code to get where you’re going. Let’s jump into it so you can start dropping big killstreaks as soon as possible.

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How To Redeem Modern Warfare 3 Beta Codes

Modern Warfare 2's multiplayers is more expansive than ever.
Image via Activision.

First, you need to head to Call of Duty’s website. You’ll find a code redemption page there. This is where you input the beta code that you’ve already received.

MW3 Beta: Call of Duty Website & Activision Account Info

If you’re not logged in, you’ll be prompted to enter your email address first. This should be the email that’s registered to your Activision account.

Be mindful of the Platform selection dropdown menu because your Activision account is associated with every platform you’ve played Call of Duty on. This beta has a staggered release schedule, meaning PlayStation players get the first crack at it. Entering your code will only generate access to whichever platform you choose here.

Submitting that information will generate a new platform-specific code that you will need to take back to whichever console/launcher you’re playing on.

Modern Warfare 3 Beta: PlayStation, Xbox, & PC Redemption Process

For PlayStation and Xbox players, you can redeem this code by opening up your respective console’s store menu and hunting down the Redeem menu towards the bottom of the options panel.

It’s a similar process on PC. Steam players need to enter their code in the Activate a Product menu of their Games tab. BattleNet players will have to open Account Overview first, and then click Redeem A Code from there.

How to launch Modern Warfare 3 beta

Getting into the beta is a little bit different this year. Call of Duty HQ has bundled all of the current games together, meaning all of the MW3 options are in the same place where you launch Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone.

Modern Warfare 3's beta has been a point of high engagement for Call of Duty.
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Boot up the game as you would normally and then hunt down the Modern Warfare 3 tab. The menu can be bugged, so don’t be discouraged if it says “Pre-Order to Play” underneath the menu tile. Select it anyway and you’ll be carried through into Call of Duty’s new age.

That’s all there is to it. You’ll be able to join Mosh Pit and Ground War matches at your leisure from here.

How to Get MW3 Beta Codes

As we mentioned before, pre-ordering the game is the only way to make absolutely sure that you get in. If that’s not in the cards, you can always keep an eye out for giveaways online. Call of Duty supplies its partners with thousands of codes every year. You’ll see tons of them out on the internet.

Be wary of scammers, though. Accepting a beta code from your favorite streamer or content creator does not require an exchange of any personal information.

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