Comfey best builds and best moveset in Pokémon Unite

Try to get comfy with Comfey.

Image via The Pokemon Company

Comfey is a Fairy-type Pokémon that looks about as harmless as can be with its ring of flowers and how small it is. With it being added to Pokémon Unite, you are likely wondering how best to take advantage of this friendly Pokémon in a battle. With this creature making its first appearance in a game since Pokémon Sun and Moon, here are the best builds and movesets for Comfey in Pokémon Unite.

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Best moves for Comfey in Pokémon Unite

Comfey is a support-type Pokémon in Pokémon Unite, meaning that you are going to want to focus on helping your teammates rather than running into battles on your own. You want to constantly be by your teammates so you can attach yourself to them and give them healing. You want to pocket your biggest weapon on your team. For that reason, we recommend grabbing Synthesis at level 1 and getting your offensive move Vine Whip at level 2.

A big thing to remember with this creature is its Triage passive ability. Comfey will gain a flower after some time or gain four when it enters tall grass. It can hold up to eight at a time, and these flowers are consumed to make certain moves better.

One of those moves that get a boost from Triage is Floral Healing, which we recommend equipping at level 4. This move will heal any ally you attach to and can grant shields after they are fully healed and movement speed with an upgrade.

At level 6, we recommend taking Grass Knot. This can trap up to two enemy Pokémon who might feel they are being overwhelmed and try and escape your partner’s attacks. This is great to use on any enemies who felt a little too confident in taking on your teammate.

Best items for Comfey in Pokémon Unite

The Battle Item we recommend using with your Comfey in Pokémon Unite is Slow Smoke. You can combine this with Grass Knot to make sure you and your teammate can finish off a low-health opponent.

As for Held Items, Exp. Share is a must so you continually receive enough experience when helping your teammates defeat other Pokémon. Buddy Barrier is another recommendation so when you use Flowery Fields Forever, you are not only boosting your healing but giving you and a teammate shields to make you unstoppable. The final held item can be your personal preference. We recommend Leftovers to try and help your Comfey stay in the fight since they do not have great defensive stats.