Complete the swimming time trial at Weeping Woods or Coral Castle in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Swim like a fish.

Image via Gamepur

One of the epic quests in Fortnite this week is to complete a swimming time trial at either Weeping Woods or Coral Castle. You only need to complete one of them, and it is a pretty simple task.

At both locations you will find a ghostly looking clock, and will need to swim a course through the water, following the lights. All you really need to know to get started is where to go.

The Weeping Woods swimming time trial can be found at the flat wooden bridge in the northern part of the area. The Coral Castle swimming time trial can be found pretty much in the exact center of the region, right on the edge of the water beside some ruins.

Anybody struggling to set a good time might want to try and get their hands on a Red Pepper, which will increase your movement speed.

Weeping Woods

Coral Castle

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