Coral Island Early Access vs 1.0 Full Version: What’s New?

What can you expect from Coral Island’s 1.0 Full Version and how is it different from early access?

Coral Island 1.0 Everything New

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Something tells me there’s a reason behind Coral Island’s decision to wipe Early Access players’ saves. Playing Coral Island’s 1.0 version from scratch lets you enjoy plenty of new in-game features.

The Early Access version already had plenty of content for us to enjoy: a ton of seeds, fish, and romanceable folk. Still, we knew more was coming thanks to Stairway Games’ Kickstarter campaign. That’s why when Coral Island decided to drop the full-release version of the game, all eyes were wary of the changes, upgrades, and new content that would be introduced to the game. Here, you’ll find an outline of all the significant changes you can expect to find in the Coral Island 1.0 version that were not available in the early access version of the game.

Merfolk Kingdom in Coral Island 1.0

Coral Island Full Release vs Early Access Differences
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Coral Island’s 1.0 Version welcomes players to the Merfolk Kingdom, introducing Merfolk characters like Denali, Princess Miranjani, and Semeru. Some of them are actually romanceable. Who knows, you might be able to turn into a mermaid at some point.

They’re all an absolute delight to be around, but don’t expect them to be too kind towards a human. We are partly responsible for the undersea pollution, after all.

Once you reach the Merfolk Kingdom, you’ll get access to your own underwater room (with a conveniently placed waypoint) and a brand-new Oracle shop. The Coral Island 1.0 patch notes also speak of a Merfolk Festival, so it seems events aren’t limited to Startlet Town.

Overhaul for Seasonal Outfits in Coral Island 1.0

Coral Island Full Release vs Early Access New Feature
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During Coral Island’s early access, some characters received seasonal outfits. Mark, for instance, received two new outfits. While I thought the outfit change was a nice breather after each new season, I never expected them to add this feature to all townfolk, even non-romanceable ones.

Each character will now don a new outfit each season, which means fewer clothes for summer and a more cozy look for winter. Either way, you’ll swoon on the 1st day of each month. Characters who like to spend their time at the beach, like Chaem, will also be wearing swimsuits.

More Outfits & More Decor

new outfits Coral Island 1.0
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The townfolk aren’t the only ones getting new clothing. While switching outfits isn’t anything new, Raphael’s clothing store brings a ton of new outfits for sale. You’ll also be unlocking several farm decor options as you level up and progress through the main storyline. As it stands, there are over 200 decor and 200 clothing options to choose from. 

Revitalize the Town Quests

There are a ton of new events and quests that contribute to the main storyline of revitalizing the town. Sure, the idea of ranking up the town from F to S was already in there. However, this collectathon side activity has now shifted into something far more central to the story of Coral Island. 

New Festivals in Coral Island 1.0

Coral Island 1.0 What's New
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In Coral Island’s 1.0 version, you’ll find yourself participating in eight festivals in total. That is one more festival than what we had in the Early Access version. The new festival is the Winter Fair Festival, which, as you can imagine, takes place in the winter and features all your favorite NPCs in warm clothes.

Romance, Marriage & Children in Coral Island 1.0

Coral Island 1.0 Marriage
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Coral Island wouldn’t be the same without its roster of attractive, romanceable characters. However, before the full release version was out, there weren’t any “date” cutscenes, marriage proposals, or children involved. In fact, the 10-heart events were completely locked out.

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In Coral Island 1.0, you can propose to the character you’re romancing, and Mayor Connor will get you married. You can then choose whether you want to have children, whom you’ll see grow thanks to a future update.

New Biome in Coral Island 1.0: The Savannah

Coral Island 1.0 New Biome
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In Coral Island’s full release, you’ll get access to the Savannah Ranch biome, which is tied to the Giants’ storyline. While I haven’t progressed that far into the game yet, Coral Island’s 1.0 trailer promises to include a new Lion King-like biome with monkeys. It looks completely different from Startlet Town, and I can’t wait to explore it.