Cyberpunk 2077: How to Complete You Know My Name in Phantom Liberty

Here’s how to help Reed get past all potential threats in Phantom Liberty’s You Know My Name.

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Cyberpunk 2077’s You Know My Name is an infiltration quest to find and rescue Songbird. Our contractor is being held hostage by Kurt Hansen, so we’ll sneak into his gala at the Black Diamond in search of Songbird.

Though navigating the underwater tunnels to reach this building isn’t tough at all, covering Reed while he makes his way through bodyguards, surveillance cameras, and mine traps is quite the hustle. Mainly because he’s adamant about staying ultra-sneaky to avoid triggering any enemy iron.

Phantom Liberty: You Know My Name Walkthrough

After landing on solid ground, you’ll have two guards to take care of. One is upstairs, while the other roams the larger area downstairs. With a bit of technical ability, the vent door to the right can be opened. This leads you right next to the guard leaning against the rails upstairs.

Once he’s out of the equation, jump down and take care of the second one. Don’t forget to drop his body inside the container nearby.

After a quick convo with Reed, the elevator will be powered back up. Unfortunately, this also means three more guards are on the way. Stay upstairs and wait for them to scatter around the area to take them down stealthily and one at a time.

How to Find All 3 Potential Threats & Meeting Point in You Know My Name

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The potential threats to Reed’s safe passage are surveillance cameras, two guards, and the mine trap. Here’s how to find them:

  • To Reed’s left, a red line will impede his passage. Scan the yellow square-shaped device on the wall to deactivate the mine trap.
  • Further left, two guards will walk past a red detection wall. Scan them to let Reed know there are guards in the area.
  • There’s a surveillance camera to scan even further left and slightly upward.

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Once Reed has received a warning for all the possible threats in You Know My Name, it’s time to point him in the right direction for the meeting point. This bridge will be on the leftmost corner of the area. It’s a green wall painted with graffiti.

How to Open the Passage & Destroy the Power Source in You Know My Name

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After hiding from the passing guards, Reed will run into a red wall. To get through it, the detector needs to be deactivated. Here’s what you need to do to open the passage for Reed:

  1. Scan the network connection above the red wall. It should be a rectangle marked in yellow.
  2. Follow the network connection’s trail upward time and time again until you find the Power Source.
  3. Then, the only thing left to do is to fire a bullet to kill it.

This should get Reed to the other side without alerting any guards.

Which Guard Should You Take Out in You Know My Name

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After crouching and hiding, Reed will run into an area with two guards. He’s a top-tier NUSA agent, but it seems he can’t take out two guys stealthily. That means you’ve got to help him out. 

His instructions are: “You take the guy on the left; the guy backed against the wall is mine.” I’m an awful reader and accidentally shot the guy on the right. Don’t be like me; shoot the guy sitting on the container; Reed will take care of the guy against the wall. All of this must be executed on his count of three, so just aim for the guy’s head and wait for Reed’s signal.

How to Handle the Guard Blocking Reed’s Progress in You Know My Name

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The closer Reed gets to the meeting point, the more guards seem to crawl out of nowhere. This guard, in particular, is out of your line of sight since a thin, white wall is covering him. Hacking the surveillance camera above Reed to handle the guard blocking Reed’s progress. This camera should give you a clearer angle of where this guy’s standing.

Now, head back to sniper view and shoot through the white wall at his location. This is particularly hard because you can’t see him while using the sniper, so you must rely on your instincts and overall orientation. Or, y’know, use the picture above as guidance. I won’t tell.