Cyberpunk 2077 Roads to Redemption: Should Nele Listen to the Biotechnica Agent or Should You Draw Your Weapon

You have a choice to help Nele in Cyberpunk 2077’s Roads to Redemption guide, or should you give her up to them?

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Not every decision you make is a clear-cut choice in Cyberpunk 2077. There are a lot of factors to account for, especially in the Roads to Redemption gig you accept in the Phantom Liberty expansion. Here, you’ll be helping Nele, who wants to redeem herself from the crimes she’s committed, but at the end of the mission, the consequences are revealed.

Several Biotechnica agents surround you and Nele in her car, asking you to get out. You only have a few seconds to spare before deciding if you should listen to the agents or draw your weapon to protect Nele. Should you have Nele listen to the Biotechnica agents, or do you draw your weapon and fight them off in Cyberpunk 2077’s Roads to Redemption gig?

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Should Nele Listen to the Biotechnica Agent & Get Out of the Car in Roads to Redemption?

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The first choice you can make is to tell Nele to get out of the car. The Biotechnica Agents have it surrounded, and their weapons trained on you. When you inform Nele this is a better idea, you can speak with the Biotechnica Agents with your Cyberpunk 2077 character and explain the situation. You’ll have the choice to tell them, “Nele manipulated you,” or that “The Crimson Harvest Manipulated Nele,” when you get out to talk with them.

If you tell them that Nele manipulated your Cyberpunk 2077 character, you have the choice to give them the shard, proving you weren’t involved in the bomb and that you disarmed it, or you can draw your weapon. Drawing your weapon would be like doing that in the first place, taking out the agents and saving Nele. However, giving them the shard allows you to leave, but Nele is arrested by them and taken away. Unfortunately, the “Crimson Harvest Manipulated Nele,” has the same results, rather than giving you a unique option.

Mr. Hands will call you after the mission is over. He’ll ask you if your character never tires of sitting on top of their high horse of morality and requests that you not side with those directly against your client. You’re still paid for doing the job, but the agents took away Nele.

Should You Draw Your Weapon on The Biotechnica Agents in Roads to Redemption?

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When you choose to take out your weapon against the Biotechnica agents, it turns into a gunfight immediately, and you have to fight all four of them. These enemies are relatively quick to takedown in Cyberpunk 2077, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble dealing with them and making sure Nele, who is now out of the car.

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After you’ve protected Nele, you have to hold up the other part of your deal. You’ll give her the shard she gave you at the start of Roads to Redemption, and she’ll take off. Johnny will comment on how he’s disappointed she’s out of the game, believing she was someone who could have gone far. You’ll speak with Mr. Hands to confirm the job is over, and send over your payment.

Is It Better for Nele to Listen to the Biotechnica Agents or To Fight Them in Cyberpunk 2077’s Roads to Redemption?

Between the two options, it might seem better to lock Nele up with the Biotechnica Agents, but Nele is trying to get out of the bombing game in Cyberpunk 2077. For my playthrough, I went with the option to help her escape from the Biotechnica Agents and saved her from them, giving her the chance for a fresh start. She might have been involved with Crimson Harvest for a while, but it’s a good opportunity to learn from her mistakes and escape those hunting her.